From the Atkins, Paleo, Vegan to Mediterranean diets there is so much information and opinion out there regarding the best diets. How could you possibly make an informed decision with all that background noise? Some important points to consider when embarking on a new eating plan or lifestyle change include:

• We are all different, therefore how can it be possible that one solution for someone could be the right one for everyone?
• While individual differences need to be accounted for there still remains certain principles that apply to majority of us
• You should not view any change in eating habits as a ‘diet’ but rather an overhaul in your entire lifestyle to assist you in achieving greater longevity.

Australian Chiropractor, Dr. James Allen of Vitality Chiropractic Australia explains that “food can be an enormous contributing factor to your wellbeing and therefore must be taken seriously.” General education regarding food groups is very important. Dr. James lists grains, dairy, sugars and certain oils as the major food sources to be wary of.  Given Chiropractors are primary health care experts we should be assessing patients for nutritional imbalances.

Do you show signs that the food you consume isn’t agreeing with your body? Potential signs may include generally being unwell, changes in mood, energy, concentration, bodily aches and pain, bloating, constipation and more.
Improve your eating starting now by formulating a lifestyle approach. How you move, eat and think, underpinned by an optimally functioning and adapting nerve system via Chiropractic care ensures your greatest opportunity to realize your human potential.

Author: James Allen