Injury Recovery Advanced Soft Tissue Technique

Whether you are a Denver Broncos football player or a professional desk jockey. Active Release Technique in Denver can help you recover from your injuries. Active Release Technique (ART) is one of the most advanced soft tissue techniques available. Most professional sports organizations has a certified ART practitioner on their sidelines. Why not have one in your corner?

Our Active Release Technique Doctors

Our Active Release Technique Denver chiropractors, Dr. Steve Brown and Dr. Trent Artichoker have undergone extensive training to learn the Active Release Technique. They utilizes this revolutionary technique in conjunction with other chiropractic related techniques to get you feeling your best. We also utilize the graston technique, dry needling, flexion distraction technique, and other related services for your benefit.

These types of injuries listed below are termed cumulative trauma injuries. Other than car accident injuries, these are problems that build over time and sneak up on you. You suddenly develop pain in your hip, shoulder, wrist, or such. ART is the gold standard in treating soft tissue injuries, and is high advisable you try out a session so you can see the benefits yourself.

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  • car accident injuries
  • whiplash
  • repetitive motion injuries
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • iliotibial band syndrome
  • pronation syndrome
  • and other problems associated with overuse

Injury Recovery Advanced Soft Tissue Technique

The basic premise of the technique is that scar tissue, or adhesions are formed with overuse activity or single traumatic injuries. With overusing a muscle, a lack of oxygen is created which attract fibroblastic cells that lay down scar tissue. With single traumatic injuries, or surgical sites, they can also produce scar tissue, due to the lack or tissue regeneration ability.

Scar tissue restricts the normal function of tissue. Such as movement, contraction, relaxation that are needed for optimal function. When optimal function is retarded through stability or mobility, dysfunction will arise and pain will follow. Getting the Active Release Technique in Denver performed at our office will give you results. After the first treatment, you will usually notice improved motion with less pain.

This is a technique that everyone can benefit from and can have long lasting results. Our everyday actions or lack of motion can create scar tissue that can be treated by ART. What is Active Release Technique? It is a technique that is taught around the entire world because it has proved useful in restoring that bodies natural function. You can learn more on the official ART site.