We Offer the Webster Technique to Help Offset the Added Stress of Pregnancy

Expectant families are seeking out chiropractors who are knowledgeable in the Webster Technique as a way to facilitate an easier, safer, and more comfortable birth. The adjustment allows for optimal fetal positioning and the goal of the technique is aimed at normalizing the function of the joints, muscles, and nervous system of the pregnant women.

Why is the Webster Technique Favored Over the Breech Turning Technique?
The Webster Technique has historically improved pregnancy outcomes, but has also been inappropriately labeled as a breech turning technique. The difference is that breech turning is simply a set of exercises, while the Webster Technique is an advanced chiropractic adjustment with a specific focus on sacral adjustment. This technique helps ease the mother’s pelvic alignment and nerve system function to reduce torsion in the uterus. Our experience is that women feel much better and have improved outcomes with regular chiropractic treatments before pregnancy and during your pregnancy.

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  • normalizes the function nervous system
  • removes torsion to uterus
  • pelvic alignment
  • balances pelvic muscles & ligaments

We Offer the Webster Technique to Help Offset the Added Stress of Pregnancy

In particular, the Webster Technique helps remove torsion to the uterus by addressing the round ligament. The round ligament, partially made of smooth muscle, can alter the tension to the uterus and can cause excessive asymmetric tension to the uterus. The sacrum, psoas, and piriformis are also specifically addressed with the Webster Technique. We also utilize a variety of other techniques to address the muscles and soft tissue, such as Active Release Technique to help ensure biomechanical stability.

At Denver Chiropractic, LLC we strive to offer the best in prenatal chiropractic care. Our chiropractic tables accommodate the pregnant belly up to the day of delivery. We have a variety of therapies that we perform on the expectant mother. Our therapies are aimed at improving the biomechanics of the body to achieve a more normal state. Along with new hormones in the body, the increased weight and change in the center of gravity alters the normal mechanics. These changes to the joints and muscles of the body are stressing and fatiguing to the system, causing pain and dysfunction. We offer the Webster Technique to help offset the added stress of pregnancy.

Your first appointment with Denver Chiropractic, LLC will last 40 minutes and will include a consultation, examination and your first Webster Technique treatment. Subsequent visits last about 20 minutes of one on one time with the doctor. To request a Webster Technique appointment, contact our office today.