Help With Neck and Shoulder Pain

The vast majority of people that come to Denver Chiropractic, LLC seeking help from neck and shoulder related pain do not have any obvious single traumatic injuries. Car accidents in Denver, such as whiplash, or a past auto injury can bring about recurring neck pain. Neck pain is usually comes out of no where, but is usually always attributable to repetitive postural abnormalities. Chiropractors in Denver treat neck pain on a regular basis, and are very good at alleviating the symptoms. The real power of chiropractors in Denver treatment is to keep the neck pain away for good.

Alleviating Neck Pain Permanently
This can be very difficult for chiropractors in Denver, because neck pain is usually brought on by people’s everyday activities. Rehabilitation of the back through specific exercises is a must. As well as modifying long term postural habits. This can be tricky, because people may not fully understand what postural habits may be damaging. To boot, jobs play a very large role is sustaining poor postural habits. For some, regular chiropractic adjustments may be necessary since they are unable to avoid postural stress from their job. One key principle is to keep the neck in its neutral position. Any deviation from its neutral spinal position will activate asymmetries in muscles. This is what causes neck pain, long term activation of muscle asymmetries.

  • work with strenuous movements
  • work with strenuous movements
  • arms raised above shoulder level
  • work with neck in bent position
  • work with twisted or bent posture
  • work in static position
  • work in seated position
  • monotonous work
  • work involving repetitive motion
  • work with strenuous movements
  • work involving fast pace
  • physical stress
  • heavy physical loads
  • vibration
  • driving
  • ergonomic factors
  • mentally stressful work
  • low job satisfaction
  • poor psychosocial environment
  • poor psychosocial environment
  • psychologically demanding work
  • lack of social support
  • competition
  • low control over time
  • heavy workload
  • dentist
  • reindeer herder
  • medical secretary
  • forestry worker
  • construction worker
  • salesperson
  • driver
  • video display terminal operator
  • sewing machine operator
  • lamp assembler
  • data entry operator
  • typist
  • scissor maker
  • assembly line packer

Help With Neck and Shoulder Pain

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33 to 66% percent of whiplash victims have neck pain 6 months after the car accident and 10-20% will have constant neck pain for 2 years or longer. There is about 10% of the population that suffers from neck pain at any given time. 50 – 70% of the population will experience neck pain at one point in their life. Neck pain is very common, but can be easily managed by chiropractors in Denver.

Treatments vary from chiropractor to chiropractor in Denver. We do not all treat the same way, or offer the same therapies. Your best best is to choose a Denver chiropractor that has a variety of services. Please feel free to contact our offices with questions or to set up a consultation.