Native Coloradan, Dr. Laura Graber, specializes in prenatal chiropractic, sports injuries, family chiropractic, and auto injury care in Denver, CO. As an avid athlete, she knows the importance of proper recovery strategies to get you back to what you love doing. Call us now for an appointment 303-455-2225

As an alum of the prestigious St. Olaf college in Minnesota, she spent her collegiate years focusing on and obtaining a biomedical related bachelor’s degree. She stayed in the area to also complete her chiropractic education. It is in Minnesota where she spent nearly 4 years honing her chiropractic skills. The love of Colorado and it’s beautiful climbing areas brought her back to the Denver metro area.

Denver Chiropractic, LLC is lucky to have Dr. Graber and the skill set that she brings to the clinic. She utilizes dry needling, Webster technique, Graston, kinesio taping, cupping, shockwave therapy, cold laser therapy, myofascial release, and of course chiropractic manipulative therapies. Well versed in a variety of therapies, she feels that soft tissue work along with specific adjustments gives the best clinical outcomes. She is known for spending ample time with her patients in order to deliver the best care.

When Dr. Graber is not at the clinic, you can find her in the mountains climbing, camping, and having loads of fun with her friends.


Doctor of Chiropractic
Northwestern Health Sciences University, Bloomington, MN

Bachelor of Arts in Biology Biomedical Studies Concentration
St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN

Graston Technique
Level 1

Dry Needling
Level 1, Level 2, Denver, CO

Webster Certified

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Dr. Graber first experienced the benefits of chiropractic while dealing with injuries sustained while running college track. Chiropractic care continues to help her stay active and she enjoys helping others to feel their best while pursuing the activities that they love. She has special interests in sports injuries, women’s health, prenatal chiropractic, pediatrics, nutrition and soft tissue techniques. Additionally, Dr. Graber is an avid rock climber and she is knowledgeable and experienced in treating climbing specific injuries.

In her approach to care, Dr. Graber realizes that each patient is unique and consequently she provides individualized treatment. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, she often includes muscle work, stretching and strengthening exercises and nutritional recommendations. She has found that this holistic approach to care not only gets people out of pain, but provides lasting results. In her free time, Dr. Graber enjoys rock climbing, hiking, camping and cross country skiing as well as time with friends and family.