The Negative Impacts of Chronic Stress on Body, Mind & Spirit

Humans live in a fast-paced and stressful world these days. The negative impact of all this stress is often unleashed on our vulnerable bodies over time. Many psychiatrists and other physicians warn that continued everyday chronic stress, even in small and often unseen ways, can be especially harmful to a person’s body, mind, and spirit.

The good news is that there are some effective and rather simple ways to reduce this unwanted stress. Many strongly recommend undergoing experienced chiropractic treatments that may not only make our backs and muscles feel stronger and more relaxed, but it can also reduce those underlying stressors to improve sleep, and mental focus and may help balance moods in many cases.

Ways Chiropractors Can Help Reduce Overall Stress Using Natural Based Therapies

Chiropractors must undergo advanced training to be able to practice legally in this country. This discipline tends to be a more holistic approach to care, and this means that chiropractors focus on the whole-body picture when assessing and treating their patients. Most traditional medical training tends to focus more on smaller symptomology with efforts to improve those first.

This is changing today, and more family and other doctors now recommend less traditional care treatments like acupuncture and chiropractic care along with physical therapy measures concurrently with other treatment therapies.

chronic stress denverReleases Pent-Up Muscle Tension Through Massage, Manual Manipulations & More

One of the most obvious ways that chiropractic treatments can relieve stress is the release of pent-up muscle tension that can cause serious adverse effects like tooth grinding at night, decreased sleep and increased anxiety and mood imbalances.

A trained chiropractor can release this tension from the muscles and decrease strain and wear on stressed joints through the careful skillful manual manipulations of the back and other areas. Therapeutic massage techniques may also be extraordinarily successful in relaxing these muscle groups and lessening overall feelings of stress and improving sleep.

Helps Reduce Chronic High Levels of Stress-Related Cortisol Levels

The human body has built-in defense mechanisms to protect the person from danger and harm. Highly stressful periods can release more of the hormone called cortisol from the adrenal glands. This boosts the bloodstream with more glucose needed for burning energy and is responsible for shutting down those less critical body functions meant to be only a temporary measure.

If those with cortisol levels remain for long periods of time, this can be especially hard and harmful to the body. This can be true even when the source of that stress seems minor or even because of good times of stress like planning a much-anticipated move or party or starting a new job.

May Aid in Reducing Blood Pressure

Since chiropractic care can aid in improving muscle strength and helps support improved breathing that puts more needed energy fuel and oxygen into the bloodstream as needed, it is common for some patients to notice improved lower blood pressures in some cases. Along with dietary and lifestyle changes for better health, chiropractic care can be an important tool for busting stress no matter how it presents to each unique patient.

Helps Improve Breathing

When people are in pain or discomfort, they often do not breathe deeply enough. This lessens the amount of oxygen-rich blood needed when performing all those necessary body functions throughout the day and can interrupt those deeper levels of sleep needed for body regeneration and healing of any injuries or illnesses present.

Chiropractors can help people improve their breathing technique through adjustments to the spine that can help relieve pressure on the lungs and massages designed to loosen tightened muscles while supporting those vulnerable joints at the same time.

chronic pain denverTreats Pain Effectively to Lesson Episodes of Insomnia & Improves Generalized Fatigue

Insomnia often is caused by pain, inner stress or injuries to the body. Chiropractors can perform drug-free relaxation and body system adjustments to return the body into its natural position. So, indirectly, treating the pain and lessening body stress in the process may aid in combating poor sleep patterns and all that entails.

May Prevent Certain Types of Stress-Induced Headaches

Many headaches are triggered by stress. This includes migraines and aptly named stress headaches. Chiropractic care treatments may lessen or prevent these headaches in some people. It is often used concurrently with other remedies for best results.

Often Aids in Balancing Body Systems & Hormones

Body misalignment is thought to cause imbalances of certain body systems and may negatively impact hormone production and release. If there is pain, this can cause the person to guard their injured area by breathing shallowly and avoiding movements that can result in lowered activity and less stable moods in some.

Proper therapeutic muscle massage and chiropractic treatments are aimed at balancing these areas and normalizing hormone function throughout the body.

Other Ways Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Stress

  • May Increase Mental Focus & Clarity Indirectly
  • Can Stimulate Release of Good Endorphins that Relieve Pain Naturally
  • Can Improve Overall Core Body Strength and Supports Vulnerable Joints

Chiropractors Also Can Provide Safe At-Home Stress-Busting Relaxation Exercises & Measures

Patients can continue at-home stress-relieving relaxation exercises and use safer non-surgical and drug-free exercises designed to strengthen the core body structures and improve overall health and feelings of well-being like better daytime alertness and better nighttime sleep periods without addictive and dangerous sleep or pain medications.

Chiropractors Often Provide Helpful Diet, Nutrition & Healthy Weight Education & Ideas to Manage Stress Better

Other ways that chiropractors can help people lower stress include education regarding eating a healthy and balanced diet on a regular basis, keeping at a healthy weight and/or weight-loss recommendations like specific exercise routines customized for each different person and ongoing stress relief management moving forward.

Life’s many stressors do not have to get you down feeling low or impact your entire quality of life if you find healthy ways to relieve that stress on a regular basis. Some people find chiropractic care to be very helpful in managing their overall stress and keeping their bodies feeling less pain or other discomforts as an added bonus and incentive to give this care option a try.

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