After the car accident, many questions come up regarding your medico-legal situation. You can separate these common whiplash related questions into categories, which I will go over in detail.

Treatment Considerations for Whiplash

Where do I go to get treatment? How much will treatment cost? Who will pay for my treatment? How much treatment do I need? How long do I need treatment for my injuries? What kind of treatment do I need? Do I need to go to an auto injury specialist? Which type of doctor do I need to see? Do I use my health insurance, my auto insurance, or does the at fault cover all my care? Will I ever completely recover from my injuries?

Health Insurance for Car Accident Care

How does the at fault pay for my care? Do I need to pay money for my care up front before the other insurance will pay me back? Will they pay for all the treatment? Will the insurance cover my treatment? Will the at fault insurance company cover all of my treatment? How much will treatment cost?

Settlement Money Related

How much money will the insurance company give me for my injuries? How does the at fault insurance know how much to compensate me for my injuries? What if they don’t compensate me fully for my injuries? How much money will I need for future medical care?

Attorney Related

Will I need an attorney? Which attorney is trustworthy? How do I choose an attorney? What does the attorney do? Do I need to sue the at-fault insurance company? Will I need to go to court? How much does it cost to have an attorney? Will the at fault insurance cover the cost of my attorney?

Car Repair Related

Who will fix my car? Will the shop fix my car appropriately? Will my car be worth less after it gets fixed? What will I drive when my car is getting fixed?

As you see, the typical car accident patient has a lot of questions.  Even more concerning is the amount of misinformation that comes from close family, friends, and insurance companies. It is an intimidating situation, especially for a victim of a car accident. The victim is injured and needs high quality care. The last thing they need is to be a victim again by getting poor treatment and bad legal information. Please feel free to email me about your situation as often times I’m able to help point you in the right direction.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC

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