There are many considerations when it comes to getting the best care for an auto related injury. Proximity, quality, treatment options, types of doctors, insurance coverage, and legal matters all come into play when deciding where and what treatment you get. I want to share my perspective on the best route of getting better faster, while also protecting your legal rights to a fair settlement.

Proximity and convenience are key factors when choosing a conservative option for where you get your care. Chiropractic and physical therapy typically require around 3 months of care for moderate car accident related injuries. This requires approximately 20+ visits, and maybe 2 to 3 times more for severe whiplash related injuries. This will require many visits to and from the clinic so it must be convenient.

Quality will always trump convenience with whiplash injury care. This risk of whiplash injuries becoming permanent with haphazard non-thorough chiro or do your own PT style care will increase your risk of chronic pain. There is a plethora of conservative options for the person that has been in a whiplash type car accident. Usually, people will need a multitude of different types of therapies from different types of providers. Car accidents produce unique injuries that need evaluated by a team of professionals and unique imaging is usually required that is not common with regular injuries. This is not only important for getting the correct diagnosis and treatment for your injuries, but it is also important for the medicolegal aspect of your case.

In larger cities, such as Denver, we have many all in one type multidisciplinary clinics that specialize in whiplash care, management, and documentation. These types of clinics are well versed in the ins and outs of auto injury care and can be convenient for you in completing a treatment plan that involves multiple types of doctors. An online search looking at various chiropractic clinics that also provide physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, medical doctors, that also having imaging can save you a lot of time. Please make sure that check online reviews on Yelp and Google. In my experience, Yelp reviews are more valid as their screening process to complete a review is a little more thorough than Google. The other benefit to these all in one type clinics is the communication that occurs between the providers that ultimately will increase the quality of your care.

When searching for types of treatment for whiplash injuries, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Injuries will respond much better when they are treated soon after the accident. Utilize online reviews from google and yelp, consider if the clinic has more than one different type of provider, and know if the providers have specialty auto accident injury training.Common google search terms to find multidisciplinary clinics are; whiplash treatment in Denver, car accident care in Denver, auto injury care in Denver, whiplash accident treatment in Denver.



Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

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