Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Artichoker explains the causes of back pain.
Denver Chiropractor, Dr. Artichoker explains the causes of back pain.

Chiropractic maintenance care is actually a great phrase for spinal hygiene. Just about everything in life needs care for continuation of optimal function. In regards to health, maintenance is an absolute, and not an option. I think health maintenance is a simplistic concept, and easy to understand, in that our health is a direct effect of how we treat our bodies.

The foundation of our bodies is the spine and everything it houses, and without proper function, your body is working sub optimally. Sub optimal function leads to increase stress and strain on the parts of the body that lead to fatigue, break down, and dysfunction.

As a denver chiropractor that deals with mechanically dysfunctional bodies, I recommend getting your spine adjusted at least once a month. Everyone is different, and so once a month might be to much, or for some, to less. It all depends on how you are taking care of your body. Are you exercising regularly? Are you eating healthy foods? Has your body had any past trauma? Do you have spinal conditions?

Those are some of the questions that are needed answered before maintenance care can be recommended. Another worthy question, how much do you want to spoil your self? Usually, once a person gets several adjustments and understands the feeling of being aligned. It is much easier for you to know how often your body needs adjusted, and when it is time to see the chiropractor.

So, there is no magical number about how often you should get adjusted. It is completely up to you on how you utilize chiropractic. I get adjusted once a month and feel that is a good time frame for my body to get aligned and worked on.

Treat your body, get adjusted.

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