What Is Medpay?

Med-pay is an abbreviation for “Medical Payments”. This is an excellent benefit to have if you are involved in a car accident. It is kind of like health insurance, but only used for whiplash and car accident related injuries.  Most people that are in an auto accident get aches and pains after the accident. It is important to get a thorough exam after a car accident as these types of injuries are unique and are expressed differently than your typical aches.

How do I use Medpay?

The first step is to determine if you have Med pay on your policy. You can check your policy benefits by logging onto your auto insurance website profile. Here is a few links of common auto insurance websites.




In Colorado, Medpay is automatically added to a policy, unless you reject this coverage. The insurance companies must be able to produce a signed waiver of Medpay, which is import to request if they indicate that you don’t have Medpay. If you have Medpay, speak to a claims agent and let them know you want to make a Medpay claim. They will ask you some general questions about your injuries and then they will give you a claim number, and a name and number of the agent. Give the claim number to your doctor and they will use this to bill for your treatments.

What Information Do I Need To File a Medpay Claim?

You will need the date of the accident. You will need the full names of all passengers that were in your car. You will also need to be able describe your injuries. It is important to indicate any and all areas that are sore or achy, as these injuries may manifest into greater issues. You may also need a police report indicating who is at fault.

Which Doctors Use Medpay In Denver?

Not all doctors will accept Medpay, let alone examine and treat an auto injury patient. It sounds crazy, but some doctors will not treat auto related injuries. Using the internet to search “Auto Accident Chiropractors in Denver”, “Car Accident Doctors in Denver“, or something like “Auto Injury Clinic in Denver”, or “Doctor that takes Medpay”, as these terms are more specific to what you need. It’s also good to cross check online reviews for chiropractors in Denver, or online reviews of car accident doctors.

What Happens When There is No More Medpay?

Most policies have a $5,000 medpay benefit. An ambulance trip and some imaging at the local ER will easily exhaust a $5K medpay benefit. Therefore it is recommended to increase your medpay to at least $25K. Some insurance companies have $100K policies, although it can be difficult to access the full benefit in some situations. If your medpay is exhausted, you can receive treatment on a lien, but you have to find the right providers. Search for “Denver chiropractors that treat on a lien” or something similar. This is a common practice for chiropractors, physical therapists, and other doctors in Denver. If you’ve exhausted your benefits, it is also important to check you UM/UIM benefits as this can also help pay your medical bills.

Will My Rates Increase If I Use Medpay?

No, your rates will not go up if you use Medpay. It is illegal for an insurance company to raise your rates solely on you using your medpay benefits. If you caused an accident and you use your medpay, then most likely your rates will go up because you are at fault.


Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

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