Low back pain is one of the most prevalent conditions and also one of the most disabling conditions. In Scandanavia, non-specific low back pain is the largest cause for sickness absence. In an effort to standardize care, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence published a guideline for dealing with non-specific low back pain.

You can read the full guideline here. In summary, the recommendations listed are considered the most impactfull on patient care.

* Offer a tailored exercise program lasting 12 weeks with 8 session max
* Offer SPINAL MANIPULATION lasting 12 weeks with max 9 sessions
* Offer acupuncture lasting for 12 weeks with max 10 sessions
* Do NOT offer injections into the back
* Consider referral for physical and psychological treatment comprised of 100 hours lasting 8 weeks
* Do NOT offer x-ray for non-specific low back pain
* Offer MRI only in context of referral for spinal fusion

As a chiropractor, the majority of my patients that initially come to be treated have back pain. Some have mild pain, and others very severe where movement is almost impossible. After a thorough exam and history, of course ruling out red flags, an initial course of spinal manipulation is almost always prudent.

Even though I have adjusted the back thousands of times, I am still surprised of the immediate relief that some people get with the manipulation. Some of my favorite patients are the ones that have never seen a chiropractor before, because they have come to me after seeing x, y, and z other type of doctor with no relief or explanation of the cause of their pain.

If you are experiencing low back pain, I encourage you to give chiropractic manipulation a trial therapy. Manipulation is very safe, and very cost effective.

To Your Health,

Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC

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