I wouldn’t recommend you taping your bumper back to your car with Kinesio tape, but I would recommend you taping your swollen knee, or problematic shoulder. As a denver chiropractor, many people walk through my door with various injuries seeking help. Upon completion of a thorough history and exam, I sometimes recommend the application of Kinesio Tex Tape. The tape is a great way to continue therapy outside the clinic and has versatility in therapeutic application.

Kinesio tape for shoulder

I found the tape very effective with a multitude of conditions and patient satisfaction is very high. I wanted to write a short blurb, I mean blog, about what Kinesio tape hype is all about and how you could benefit from its properties. It is very common for the patient to ask, “What is kinesio tape”? I typically show them some pictures, give them a short story about another patients experience, and answer any questions they may have.

Here it is in a nut shell. The tape has an elastic quality similar to the elasticity of the skin. It is water resistant and usually lasts around 3-6 days depending on your level of activity. Categorically, it can be used to help with mechanical recoil, hold fascia in place, skin lifting, ligament/tendon pressure stimulation, assist or limit motion, and lymphatic channeling.

Some conditions that respond well.
* AC joint problems
* Tendonitis/Tendonosis
* ACL issues
* Strains/Sprains
* Bursitis
* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
* Spondylitisdenver chiropractor using kinesio tape
* Chondromalacia
* Dequervains
* Joint laxity
* Frozen Shoulder
* Hammer Toe
* Headaches
* ITB syndrome
* Swollen areas
* Bruises
* Meniscus problems
* Sciatica
* Rotator cuff problems
* Shin Splints
* Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
* Piriformis Syndrome
* Scoliosis
* Plantar Fascitis
* Osgood-Schlatter


This is just a small partial list of conditions that respond well to the tape. How it works is a bit more involved, and takes some background knowledge of anatomy. In general, the tape physically moves tissue to a desired position or helps stimulate different types of receptors found in the skin and joints. The external stimuli of the tape picked up by various sensors/receptors helps influence the central nervous systems response in a beneficial way.

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To Your Health,

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