How does personal injury law relate to a Denver chiropractor? It is actually a very common “pairing” because so many personal injuries end up impacting the neck and the back, which is the chiropractor’s area of specialization. The reason that you need to understand that your chiropractor might be familiar with personal injury issues is because you may need their help in making a claim in a personal injury case.

Here is what we mean: let’s say that you are at work and that you go to enter a conference room. As you do, you trip over a piece of carpet that has been torn and left un-mended for many weeks. In fact, after you trip and fall there is a lot of discussion about the event being “only a matter of time” because of the way the management has ignored the problem.

So, what to do? You know that you have hurt your back during the fall and you understand that it was not really your fault that it happened. It is very important to remember that such an incident is going to require the discovery of two things: did the management or property owner knowingly neglect the problem that led to the fall and did you act irresponsibly around the problem area, causing yourself to fall?

We know that the answer to the first question is yes, and we also know that you didn’t push boundaries or act irresponsibly before the fall. So, that means you have a “premises liability” claim or even a worker’s compensation claim. This is the moment when the chiropractor has to enter into the equation.

When you fall, you would be best served by insisting that an emergency medical call was made. This is a vital choice if you have harmed your back because a pinched or compressed nerve, soft tissue damage, or other injuries can be easily worsened by just hopping up and moving on. Allow the medical team to examine you and then get a copy of the report. This gives you proof of where and when the injury occurred and gives the chiropractor essential details about the matter.

You should call them for an emergency visit on the day of the accident or the next day at the latest. They can begin to address the matter and can also document the kinds of care and treatment you are going to need, which is the next step your personal injury case.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker