There are many ways that a personal injury lawsuit can shape up. You might be harmed by a faulty product, during an accident, or on the job. If it is the latter, it is most often going to become a matter of worker’s compensation. Though you may hear that some people file a “premises liability” claim against a property owner who has neglected something that led to injury, it is usually going to be worker’s compensation that pays someone for an injury on the job.

The one thing to remember about worker’s compensation, however, is that it does require documentation. This is something that is vitally important if you sustain one of the less obvious injuries while on the job, in other words, a back or neck injury. Consider that almost any insurer is going to investigate, and may even challenge, claims of back or neck injury. Thus, it is imperative that you document every single thing that has happened.

It is useful to know this in advance of any injury because it means that you won’t make the same mistakes that others have made, and who subsequently have to really fight to get the support due to them. For instance, if you are hurt on the job and you make no mention of it to the supervisors or to anyone else on the premises, it is unlikely that your claims will go smoothly. Instead, if you hurt your back, it is best to contact emergency medical help on the scene. They will create a real paper trail that shows when, what, and how the incident occurred.

You want these notes for your worker’s compensation claim, but you also want them for your chiropractor too. The notes will tell the doctor how you were injured and what the medical team witnessed in terms of the injury. This can really help your chiropractor or rehab specialist to understand what has happened, and how to treat it. This is also information that will play a key role in your case because your medical needs will form the basis of your compensation settlement.

Though all worker’s compensation cases end up in a detailed review by specific medical professionals, the availability of a full chiropractic assessment, plus all of the onsite documentation, will work in your favor.

It is awful enough to be injured, but things are made worse when you have to prove that you suffered harm. Using the help of your chiropractor or rehab team is a great way to show the truth.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker