Whether you fell on some torn carpeting, a wet floor that had no sign, a set of stairs without a hand railing, from an elevator that had not fully descended, or a dozen other ways to slip and fall, it is essential that you understand what this accident means to you and your health.

For one thing, it is likely that any of the slip and fall incidents described above will lead to an upper and/or lower back injury. This means you are going to have to seek immediate support from a knowledgeable chiropractor and you may find yourself using rehab services in order to begin to “feel better”.

Remember, however, that such seemingly minor incidents as a slip and fall down some stairs or across a wet floor, have been known to trigger such major health problems as nerve damage, fibromyalgia, pinched nerves, and thoracic outlet syndrome too. Clearly, these can be long term issues that establish the need for ongoing clinical care in the appropriate facility, and this means you need to understand the legalities of the matter.

After all, a slip and fall is not always something that could be said to be your “fault”. For instance, if you look at the examples given at the opening of this discussion you will see that most of them are public places and not private locations or a home setting. This means that your slip and fall may result in what is known as “premises liability” and can qualify you for some sort of financial settlement.

What would a financial settlement do? Remember that not all healthcare coverage will provide for such things as ongoing chiropractic work, and this may be the essential factor in your recovery. This illustrates the value of a good attorney or legal firm when you have had a slip and fall injury.

They will help you to determine if there was actual “fault” at work when you took the fall. Usually this means that you have to consider two main issues. The first is whether or not the owner of the property was acting in a reasonable way to prevent your falling (for example, did they have yellow cones near the spilled fluid or did they have a sign indicating the hazardous condition). The second is whether or not YOU as the injured party were exceedingly careless.

Clearly, there is a lot of room for debate and disagreement, and you will want to visit http://www.injuryclaimcoach.com/slip-and-fall-accident.html slip and fall accident to get a good idea of how to proceed.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker