Our chiropractor in Denver, Dr. Trent Artichoker, provides custom quality care for his patients in North Denver. At any one time, approximately 10% of the population will be experiencing spinal related pain. Such as neck pain, mid back pain, and low back pain. The chiropractor is well educated and is a specialist when it comes to back related pain. They know when to treat, when to order tests, and when to refer out. The doctor at our clinic near downtown Denver provides thorough consults and exams before any treatment is given to make sure that chiropractic related services are the most appropriate for that unique individual.

Back pain can come from a variety of sources and requires a specialist, such as a chiropractor in Denver to determine the cause of your spinal related pain. Dr. Trent Artichoker is networked with massage therapists, physical therapists, a variety of medical doctor specialists, and has access to a multitude of imaging techniques. The office has friendly staff, an easy to find location with free parking, and the doctor remains professional in his approach to your pain, but yet friendly enough to be comfortable getting chiropractic care.

Dr. Trent Artichoker has a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry, a master’s degree in anatomy, and his doctor of chiropractic degree. Altogether he has 10 years of education, and he continues his education every year to gain the best understanding and learn the latest in research to help better his patients. His latest adventures in his educational acumen are his accomplishment of being a graduate of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego’s “Whiplash and Brain Injury” program. As chiropractor in Denver, you are guaranteed to be in good hands and get a specialized treatment plan just for your neck or back pain.

A cookie approach will not work for most patients that have spinal related pain. There are over 600 individual muscles in the back and over 100 joints in the spine alone. The back is an extremely complex beautiful structure that needs a custom evaluation and treatment approach. No back is ever the same, and most neck and back pain are uniquely caused and experienced by the individual. Our chiropractor in Denver in the clinic director for Denver Chiropractic, LLC whos motto is “custom quality care”. We treat you as an individual, and provide you the best care possible for your neck and back related pain.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker