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Choosing the best Denver chiropractor is like walking into a Baskin Robins. You are faced with many choices, but not all will be congruent with your taste. Fortunately at the ice cream shop, you can sample a taste, but sampling a chiropractor is not so easy. I’m here to help guide your decision making process.


First off, chiropractors in Denver come in many varieties. One main difference is the adjusting technique used by the chiropractor. Some doctors of chiropractic choose to use tools to adjust the spine, such as the activator, the chiropractic adjusting tool, and the pro-adjustor. If you prefer hands on adjusting, there are a variety of those techniques as well. There are literally hundreds of different manual adjusting techniques. The majority of the chiropractors using manual techniques use what is called the Diversified technique. Other techniques can utilize a special table, a table that has specialized sections within the table that raise and drop. A drop table can be beneficial, just like the other techniques.

My preference in guiding a person to a chiropractor, would be to choose a chiropractor that utilizes many techniques. Not all techniques are suited for everyone, so a chiropractor that has a variety of adjusting skills will be able to accommodate your preference, especially if you have never been able to sample the different techniques.

Another high priority consideration in choosing a Denver chiropractor would be to consider any past board complaints. Although, just because a chiropractor has a complaint, it does not mean they did something wrong. You can check to see if a chiropractor in Denver has any complaints at the Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

My third highest consideration is what other treatments does the chiropractor do besides chiropractic manipulative therapy. Chiropractors at a minimum typically obtain a Bachelors degree, and then must do 4 more years of school to become a doctor of chiropractic. In that time frame, we learn and complete national regulated physiotherapy tests. I think additional modalities such as; electrotherapy, moist heat, ultrasound, infrared, cold laser, graston technique, active release technique, trigger point therapy, cross frictional massage, muscle stretching, muscle energy techniqes, myofascial release techniques, core stability techniques, and not physio, but also have some knowledge of nutrition, education of kinesio taping, and athletic taping.

The best Denver chiropractor will have a little bit of everything is his repotoir. Lets face it, no one person can be everything to all people. Some people need some moist heat or massage before their adjustment in order for them to relax and get a proper alignment. Muscle spasms respond very well to electrotherapy and make the adjust much easier to tolerate. So, pick a chiropractor that does a little of everything.

I must tell you another pet peeve of mine in considering your chiropractor. I’ve been trained to x-ray and image patients when there is clinical evidence supporting the use of exposure to radiation. I image patients when I think an underlying disease process is occurring, or if I think a fracture is present, possibilities of bone anomolies, signs of infection, or if the patient is not responding to treatment. This is not an all inclusive list, but it makes for the point of questioning why an x ray is needed.

Some chiropractic techniques will automatically expose everyone to x rays, no matter who walks through the door. Although well intentioned, they typically recommend lots and lots of adjustments that cost lots and lots of money. Long term contracts are also often used with these techniques, typically into several thousand dollars. I’ve seen some people benefit and others still in pain with no real progress. In my opinion, long term contracts, and excessively lengthy treatment plans are red flags.

Cost and location are should also be considered in your decision making process. I’ve seen chiropractors that charge $100 dollars for an adjustment, and other that hang a box no the wall and suggest making a deposit to the box for what you can afford. Chiropractors that take insurance can also be beneficial. It might be best to pick a chiropractor somewhere in the middle, one that takes insurance, but also has affordable cash plans.

Online reviews can also be helpful, but should not be your only deciding factor. Chiropractors know that reviews are helpful, and can skew the quantity of reviews through campaigns, but the quality and validity of the reviews should be scrutinized.

Specialized additional training could also be factor for your decision, especially if you have been in a car accident in Denver. Auto injuries should always be handled by someone of specializes in the field. A medical doctor or a doctor of chiropractic can really bugger up a case if they not specifically trained to document and treat car crash victims. Getting treatment for an auto accident is different from your typical aches and pains, due to the unique parameters and injury mechanisms of auto collisions.

The same additional training requirements apply to sports injuries, pediatrics, and chiropractic for pregnant women.

Other factors in finding the best Denver chiropractor are important, which are internal issues that you address after you visit your Denver chiropractic clinic. This can be from how well you were treated by the support staff, to access to convenient parking. Did the doctor find the cause of your problem? Did they offer a logical solution? Did they take the time to listen to your concerns? Was everyone friendly? Was the adjustment satisfactory? Did they have up to date equipment?

If you live outside of the Denver area, and are having a hard time finding a chiropractor, please feel free to contact me. I have wide network of very qualified chiropractors that I routinely refer patients to.

I wish you luck in your search for a quality chiropractor. Everyone needs a good chiropractor on their sideline. Life is full of bumps and bruises, and we all need to put back together form time to time.

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