denver chiropractor whiplash treatmentAs a chiropractor who treats lots of automobile accident patients, I’ve seen a common trend among people. They can present with minimal symptoms immediately after the accident, but as time goes on, their symptoms become magnified, and multiplied.Chiropractic for whiplash is a great treatment option for the injured person.

Rear end type accidents can be unique in how they cause injury to the body. They are unique, in a way that it can be difficult to know if you’ve been injured right away, or not. This is opposite of what we normally experience, so it is common to think that problems you slowly developed will go away on their own. Often times they do not.

When we usually injure ourselves, we know right away if something is wrong. Sprain an ankle, it freezes up, swells up, turns black and blue, and it is very apparent that you are injured. A slip, and a fall, and you end up with a bruise and a very sore spot immediately.

Rear type collisions can be more insidious, or create injuries that are not so often immediate. This is due to the type of injuries that you sustain, and the time it takes for the body to respond to those injuries. As well as an enormous amount of adrenaline that is pumped into your system because of the car accident.

In common terms, you have whiplash. The head jerks backward, then forward violently, and quickly. It is the quickness of the head movement, or the acceleration that it undergoes, which causes injury to the tissue.

Rather than use the term, whiplash, to describe what you underwent, we use the term, cervical acceleration deceleration (CAD) trauma. It is unique, in the fact that it can take days for the symptoms to become apparent.

Symptoms can vary, but getting yourself to a doctor that is trained in automobile accidents is crucial. This will protect you, and the rights you have with the automobile policy you purchased. Cervical acceleration deceleration trauma usually produces connective soft tissue injuries. This is basically everything except bone. Nerves, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, muscle, and brain tissue are all susceptible to injury.

Chiropractic for whiplash is a great choice of treatment to receive. Why? Our main treatment modality helps to restore the range of motion that is lost. Just like a sprained ankle, the spine will stiffen when it receives trauma. It is thoroughly accepted that restoring motion as soon as possible after CAD trauma, leads to the best outcomes.

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