Fender benders, collisions, and accidents are a few terms you might have used to describe car accidents. Painful, life-altering, and long-term challenges are a few terms that can also be used for these problematic incidents. Any way you consider them, car accidents are some of life’s most unwelcome and unexpected events.

If you’ve been in a car accident, please seek immediate emergency medical care. Take an ambulance and get your body into a more medically stable condition. If you didn’t get into an ambulance at the time of your accident, then don’t panic. We’ve helped patients improve conditions that resulted from accidents that happened to them many years ago. Whichever category you fall into, we hope you’ll come to see us for the following five crucial reasons.

Reason 1: Pain Relief Now

Factoring in lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage, car accidents cost $473.2 Billion per year. While this figure is staggering, from our perspective, the pain that these accidents cause is far more damaging because it affects people like you.

In fact, pain is the number one reason that our patients see us following a car accident. Although no one is glad that you were in an accident, we are delighted that you’ve come to see us. Chiropractic medicine is thousands of years old and specializes in optimizing your spine.

Whether you have whiplash, a broken arm, or low back pain, your spine is at the heart of your body’s ability to move. It is also crucial for pain management because it houses your spinal cord or the main pathway for sensation and movement signals between your brain and body. Our treatments directly address the cause of car accident-related pain and dysfunction.

Reason 2: Avoid Potentially Addicting Drugs

Prescription painkillers work well. Unfortunately, their effects wear off in a matter of hours. You also need to take them continuously to get continued pain relief. Over time, your body can develop a tolerance for the medication, so you’ll need larger doses to get the same level of pain relief.

These diminishing returns of prescription pain medications are a significant force behind their addictive potential. Opioid pain medications such as fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone are notorious for their tendency to become addicting. They also have dangerous side effects, including a reduced level of consciousness, respiratory depression, and death. Our treatments skip the pills and strengthen your body’s natural pain relief systems.

Reason 3: Move Into a Better Future

While reducing or eliminating your pain is an important goal, it isn’t the only one we have for you. When you partner with us for your healthcare, we want you to be able to live a better life, and that begins with better movement.

Since nerves influence movement in addition to pain control, treating any spinal misalignment resulting from your car accident can help restore more fluid movement with a fuller range of motion.

An essential effect of being able to move more easily is doing more of it. Our team gets a lot of satisfaction from seeing patients progress and witnessing people embracing a healthier, movement-based lifestyle. We especially love it when our patients report they can do more than they could before their unfortunate car accident.

Reason 4: Boost Your Health

In our opinion, you’re moving one way or another throughout life. There is no such thing as standing still. You’re either moving toward an increasingly sedentary lifestyle with progressively poorer eating habits or doing the opposite.

When you come to our chiropractic medical practice, we do a comprehensive evaluation that includes a detailed health history, physical examination, and movement assessment. We want to know details about how you live so we can help you make healthy choices that suit your situation.

Since your brain health significantly influences your health choices and your ability to make better decisions consistently, our work to improve the communication between your brain and the rest of your body helps boost brain health.

Concussions are a form of brain injury that can result from your car accident, causing changes in how you process health information. Although many people recover from most of their concussion-related symptoms within weeks to months, many individuals report lingering effects that span years. Fortunately, a recent research study demonstrated that chiropractic care improved post-concussion syndrome.

Reason 5: Help With Insurance Requirements

When you sign up for car insurance, it seems like such a straightforward process. You pay in advance for assistance with vehicle-related bills from accidents or other damaging car-related incidents. What no one tells you, however, is that there is a multitude of requirements for accessing the funds you paid for by consistently paying your monthly auto insurance bill.

Fortunately, our staff knows what kinds of information the car insurance companies need to process your claim. We know what questions to ask you and what tests to run. We even know how to write everything up to get you the most funding possible.

One particularly tricky area related to claims processing is meeting the required deadlines. We know the law and the various deadlines. We also have years of experience in successfully working with car insurance companies.

Comprehensive, Compassionate Post-accident Care Awaits

If you’ve been in a car accident, please know that we wish you the best. We also want to help restore or even improve your situation by providing comprehensive chiropractic care that helps you emerge better than ever. Scheduling a post-accident chiropractic consultation with us is an essential step in beginning the recovery process after a car accident.