Our chiropractic office is a popular destination for those who’ve been in auto accidents. Although some of these individuals come to us because we’re a popular option for post-wreck rehab, others know that we can help you regain your strength and stamina while you ditch the pain stemming from an auto accident. The following five reasons will help you decide if the care we offer is right for you.

Fast Pain Relief That Lasts

The number one reason people see us is to get out of pain. Since many auto accidents involve the nerves and muscles of the neck, they can cause quite a bit of pain. We use research-based assessments and treatments to get you relief and recovery.

Research has proven that what we do makes a difference. In fact, a recent study of motor vehicle accident patients demonstrated that most chiropractic patients experienced significant restoration of their social and emotional lives in six months to a year. This included a dramatic reduction in how much pain interfered with their everyday lives.

When you seek care with us, we gently restore normal nerve function by coaxing your spine into optimal alignment. This reduces muscular tension and painful nerve compression. The manual adjustments we perform also reduce powerful pain-relieving hormones such as neurotensin and oxytocin. The nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle recommendations we make are research-proven to enhance your health and support your recovery efforts.

Freedom To Move Again

The second most popular reason to choose us is to get back your range of motion. Since car accidents force your spine out of alignment, you’re at increased risk for developing scar tissue. Your body increases collagen production to heal injuries, but this process can quickly go into overdrive, creating excess tissue that causes painful stiffness.

Besides stiffness and pain, dizziness is another problem that makes movement difficult following an auto accident. Whether your dizziness occurs while you move or happens spontaneously, it can quickly sideline you as you stay seated for your own safety. Chiropractic care can help address the nerve issues that are making you dizzy, so you can get the movement you need to regain your health.

Halt Dangerous Inflammation

Although it’s not as immediately noticeable as pain or difficulty moving, we must treat inflammation as soon as possible. Some inflammation is necessary for healing. Unfortunately, like collagen production, inflammation can quickly rise to unhealthy levels. Spinal misalignment stemming from an auto accident is a known trigger for levels of inflammation that diminish your immune system’s fighting ability, skyrocket pain, and slow down your recovery. Science-based chiropractic treatment can limit inflammation and its numerous consequences.

Skip Risky Surgery and Toxic Drugs

The opioid epidemic is evidence that many pain medications commonly used to mask auto accident pain are hazardous to your health. Even before this public health nightmare, many of our patients told us they were looking for an alternative that didn’t make driving or other activities that required concentration difficult. Our practice specializes in treating the underlying causes of your pain instead of covering it up with dangerous drugs that can bring addiction and other problems.

We’ve heard similar comments about surgery from many of our patients. Surgery doesn’t just cause pain and additional downtime. It increases the risk of infections and other adverse effects, including death. While surgery is sometimes necessary, why take the risk when there are less invasive and more holistic alternatives?

Although we’ve seen some patients who’ve benefited from surgery or prescription pain medications, they share one unfortunate feature: their results don’t last. Medication doses wear off in hours, and surgery often needs to be repeated to maintain any improvement. Each time you go for one of these options, you also reach for risks.

Why reach for risks when you can reach for recovery? At our practice, we focus on reducing pain and restoring movement by helping you create the optimal environment for healing. Since this involves improved spinal alignment, nutrition, and exercise, you continue to reap the benefits of our approach long after your post-collision recovery.

Support For Some Surprising Issues

After you’ve been in an auto accident, the trauma sends adrenaline and cortisol racing through your body. This can make it difficult to realize how badly you’ve been injured. Sometimes, collision-related problems are not easily identifiable without medical testing and imaging, making it difficult to know that you’ve been injured at all.

When you come to our practice, we give you a comprehensive health assessment, including detailed scans, to discover any issues you may have related to your incident. Auto insurance companies require health information as soon as possible. Our team is very experienced in submitting the information insurance companies need to process claims.

Added stress from the insurance company is the last thing you need when you’re in pain and having trouble with moving around. Post-accident recovery is a difficult process already, and added emotional distress can make it more likely that your pain transforms from a short-term issue to a long-term chronic pain problem.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

While surviving an accident is enough to make you feel lucky, we want you to feel more than luck. We want you to feel better. If you want a compassionate and proactive treatment approach that focuses on helping you emerge more vital, then give contact us online or give us a call at (303) 455-2225 to schedule a consultation with our experienced and caring chiropractic treatment team.