I believe that the American public has been brain washed to a certain extent regarding their health management. Advertising campaigns from expert pharmaceutical marketers have invaded almost all aspects of our lives. Who hasn’t used an ink pen that said Viagra or some other nifty pharma name to write with. Now don’t get me wrong, pharmaceutical therapy saves lives and improves the quality of life of many, but the flip side of mismanaged drug therapy and medical mistakes can be devastating.

With articles coming out on iatrogenic deaths based on published literature, which indicates that our system is killing more than our worst diseases, I think we need a reality check on how we personally handle our own health. We have been trained to handle our aches and pains with pills. Now that the public is becoming more aware of the dangers with common pills, I believe Big Pharma’s hay day is over with.

It has been estimated that chiropractic utilization is around 10% of the population. Why is it that a safe and effective hands on therapy is so underutilized?

The answer resides in our culture, and our culture is continuously being formed by marketing giants that seem to have an endless supply of money. When was the last time you seen a commercial advertising chiropractic, acupuncture, rolfing, massage therapy, or other forms of hands on therapy. By the way, hands on therapies, especially chiropractic have very high consumer satisfaction. Watch the video here on back pain and consumer satisfaction.

It reminds me of the time when concessions at the movie theaters put split second hidden subliminal messages about their sweetened and salted products in the premovie ads that were not visible to the naked eye. How many subliminal and non-subliminal Big Pharma ads are out their persuading our thoughts. The article “Death by Medicine” is one of the first that has compiled the published research into one article.

Highlight of the article
* US annual deaths from iatrogenic causes = 783,936

As I am writing this, an ad just came on T.V. from a lawyer about a class action law suit against the makers of Reglan, apparently people that have been taking this drug are developing tardive dyskinesia.

As a Denver chiropractor writing this blog, I want everyone to know that taking medication is not always the answer. There are safer ways to handle health problems than taking drugs.

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