A new review came out recently on August 10th supporting the cardiovascular benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. The benefit extends to everyone, and not just people with cardio issues.

This is why the omega 3’s are one of my favorite supplements that I recommend to patients. Everyone can benefit! The omega 3 unsaturated fatty acid is an essential fat. This means that our bodies need this fat, and to boot, our bodies are unable to produce this essential fat.

So, if you are not eating foods containing omega 3’s; such as, walnuts, salmon, or flax seed you could develop unhealthy conditions. The standard American diet (SAD) is very deficient in omega 3’s, and instead very high in omega 6’s. The omega 6’s and 3’s compete with each other to be turned into other compounds that have very important biological significance. If the ratio of 6’s to 3’s is off then problems arise in the body and are manifested. The typical diet has a ratio of 10:1 of 6’s to 3’s which is a big problem as our correct ratio should be 1:1.

Health benefits of omega 3’s; include,
1. stimulation of blood circulation
2. reduce blood pressure
3. reduce triglyceride levels
4. reduce risk of primary and secondary heart attacks
5. decrease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
6. improve cardiac arrhythmias
7. helpful in depression
8. helpful in anxiety
9. reduce risk of stroke
10. anti-cancer effects
11. decrease atherosclerosis
12. improved immune maturation
13. protect from memory loss
14. improved behavior in children
15. neuroprotective effects

If you are not eating foods containing omega 3’s, you should be supplementing with doses around 500-1000mg. Your dose is specific to gender, age, health status, and diet so it is wise to speak with your doctor about dosage recommendations.

To Your Health,

Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC

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