How Does Shockwave Therapy Help Tennis Elbow?

For people suffering from “tennis” elbow, the severe strain and overuse that have caused the injury make finding relief difficult. This is a complex injury that requires proper tissue healing for recovery. Specializing in pain relief for accident and sports injuries, Dr. Trent Artichoker offers innovative treatments for “tennis” elbow at Denver Chiropractic in Colorado. Dr. Artichoker’s approach to elbow dysfunction focuses on immediate relief, long-term recovery, and restored mobility. One of the therapies helping patients to heal “tennis” elbow quickly and thoroughly is something called shockwave therapy.

What Is Tennis Elbow?

Formally known as lateral epicondylitis, “tennis” elbow is a condition where the tendons that bend away from your palm experience pain resulting from swelling or tearing. Many people believe that “tennis” elbow is interchangeable with golfer’s elbow. While both involve aggravation of the tendons attached to the elbow, they are actually two separate conditions. “Tennis” elbow produces pain on the outside of the elbow. Golfer’s elbow manifests as pain on the inside of the elbow. Here are the common symptoms of “tennis” elbow:

  • An aching feeling that crawls along the outside of the elbow and forearm.
  • General pain in the elbow area.
  • A burning sensation in the elbow area.

“Tennis” elbow is caused by repetitive motion that ultimately damages the muscles in your forearm. One of the unfortunate things about “tennis” elbow is that it can actually “spread” if it’s not addressed early. In some cases, people find that the pain will extend all the way down to the wrist. For people who use their hands for sports or work, this can greatly weaken their grip.

How Shockwave Therapy Helps With Elbow Injuries

In a 2013 study, researchers concluded that shockwave treatments could “reduce the severity of pain and improve daily activity” in newly diagnosed patients with “tennis” elbow. In other studies, researchers have observed sustained pain reduction and gains in functional rehabilitation. When administered by a trained chiropractor, shockwave treatments work by stimulating blood flow in a targeted area of your skin to encourage cell activity and healing. Waves may also help to break down any scar tissue that is surrounding your normal tissue.

The specific waves used in this therapy can easily penetrate the skin to produce relatively fast results compared to other treatments. This is a very safe, non-invasive treatment option that is completed during an office visit lasting just 10 to 15 minutes. While there is no recovery time following this treatment, you may be advised to refrain from certain activities for a period following your office visit.

Book Shockwave Treatments With a Chiropractor in Colorado

When you visit with Dr. Trent Artichoker and the Denver Chiropractic team, we’ll evaluate your condition to see if shockwave treatments could help you to get relief from elbow pain while restoring tendon mobility. Dr. Artichoker will be happy to answer all of your questions about this gentle, FDA-approved treatment. Please *contact Denver Chiropractic* to learn more about shockwave therapy for tennis elbow or *book your appointment*