Nutritional Consultation

In a world of over abundant processed food, our nutrition choices are much more critical to maintaining health. We can help you identify food sensitivities that are causing your symptoms with nutritional consultations and innovative testing.

With the plethora of fast food, processed food, and a general disconnect to where our food comes from, it is easy to see the connection of diseases processes with our food choices. Every disease process is influenced by our food choices, and some diseases are solely manifested by our daily meal choices. Some common symptoms that are related to your food choices are: nutrition consultation in denver

  • fatigue
  • chronic pain
  • headaches
  • arthritis
  • weight gain / obesity
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • bloating
  • skin problems / eczema
  • fibromyalgia
  • auto immune related diseases
  • etc.

This is a very short list, as there are a multitude of symptoms related to our food choices from respiratory issues to what is called brain fog. You are what you eat, you know!

To the right is a diagram of one of our patients that presented with widespread chronic pain. She had been to several specialists that did typical imaging and blood work that revealed nothing. The doctors that she went to were stumped. On her own behalf she suspected a food sensitivity and eliminated gluten from her diet. Her symptoms disappeared and she now leads a normal life. She reports that even when she gets the slightest amount of gluten in her diet that that it creates symptoms, and she is not a celiac.

Nutritional Consultations

The best way to help guide you towards better health is through a nutritional consultation.

Nutrition Related Services

Besides nutritional consultations, we offer some of the most state of the art nutritional related testing. Most often, a food sensitivity develops due to the over consumption of that food. In order to understand which foods need to be eliminated, an ALCAT test needs to be performed. Our ALCAT testing in Denver is a simple blood test that utilizes an inflammation marker of your white blood cells when exposed to different antigens of common foods.

Schedule an Appointment

Your first appointment will be 60 minutes in which she will discuss your concerns and goals. This will allow a customization of your nutrition in accordance with your medications or vitamins. Follow up appointments are 40 minutes long that may be used to discuss test results, symptoms, meal plans, etc. The first appointment is $80 and all follow up appointments are $50. To book an appointment please call 303-455-2225.



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