The tape seems to be everywhere at this years Olympics and the athletes are not one bit shy about wearing it. From the buttocks to the groin, many of these high performance athletes are turning to the benefits of the sticky colored kinesio tape.

If there is anyone on the planet that can be a spokesman on the benefits of kinesio tape, it is the Olympic athlete. Although the weekend warrior and desk jockey can also benefit from kinesio tape. There are many benefits to the tape, other than just looking cool.

As a Denver chiropractor, I utilize kinesio taping in Denver (k tape) on a daily basis and phenomenal results. My most recent observation of the tapes helpfulness was a nasty case of bilateral tarsal tunnel syndrome that is responding quite well. With in three weeks, I had two relatively young men find my office, both with the same condition, and both being at the end of their ropes.

Both men had seen numerous podiatrists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and had MRI’s, and nerve conduction velocity tests. None of them could help. This is unfortunate, because both had been relegated to not being helped with out surgery, and that was not even a sure bet.

Luckily they found our clinic, Denver Chiropractic, LLC that is in Denver, CO that specializes in a multitude of conservative techniques. We did a multi-facet approach where we utilized the Graston Technique, followed by k taping the tarsal tunnel, using a G5 on the lower extremity, topped off with adjustments to the ankle and feet. Both men are responding quite well, with the first fellow at 90% normal with only 3 treatments.

I could go on and on about individual success stories, but what is important is that kinesio tape does help for a variety of conditions. Our body is similar to a rubber band, in that has elasticity. Sometimes parts of our bodies elasticity changes, and the tape helps to restore the elasticity just enough for the body to allow it heal itself.

Our Denver chiropractor, Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC, who is trained in kinesio taping can help you with your injuries. The taping techniques can be easily taught to where you can apply the tape to yourself at home.