If you have suffered an upper or lower back injury while at work, it is likely that you are going to qualify for worker’s compensation. This is a good thing because many injuries of this kind can be painful, ongoing, debilitating, and even disabling. The worker’s compensation will make it possible for you to have wages or medical coverage for the length of time required, though some instances can lead to the need for legal assistance.

Here is a good example: a small framed person is asked to lift some boxes recently delivered to their place of business. The manager knows that the boxes are heavy but still asks the employee to move them. Because the boxes are close to 70 percent of the employee’s actual body weight, they suffer a “soft tissue” injury – basically a seriously strained muscle in their back.

This injury requires at least three months of rehab treatment and regular visits to your Denver chiropractor to ensure that the matter is addressed correctly and the person does not suffer from ongoing and/or chronic pain.

This is most certainly a matter for worker’s compensation, but the chiropractor and rehab center may both have to work with the appropriate agencies to explain what happened, how it is to be treated, and what the possible outcome or risks might be.

This is something that is not a “DIY” issue, even if an employer tries to insist that lawyers or special legal assistance is necessary. You don’t want to “mess around” with any sort of back or neck injury, and this means that you have to seek medical care immediately after an injury.

In fact, most legal experts would tell you that a visit to a chiropractor after any sort of “on the job injury” involving the neck or back is certainly a matter of the “sooner the better”. This is because you may have done serious damage that cannot just wait for a review board or worker’s compensation doctor. You should know that most worker’s compensation claims require specific doctors, but that does not mean you have to wait around before seeking help.

If you are concerned about your risks for a back or neck injury due to your job, it is a good idea to visit http://www.injury-settlement-guide.com/workers-compensation-law.html-workers compensation law, in order to understand the expectations for someone who is hurt. You will see that your ongoing care may be through a specific rehab specialist, but the initial treatment can be done immediately.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker