Did you know that there is actually a legal precedence behind a “slip and fall” issue? It is often called a personal injury, but it can become a “premises liability” issue or even qualify under worker’s compensation. Though most legal professionals would say that the entire slip and fall system is a bit on the murky or cloudy side, what they do agree on is the fact that those who are injured deserve compensation.

If you have just endured a slip and fall injury in a place that was not your home, it is quite likely that you have harmed your back or neck. This is most certainly the moment to pay a visit to a professional chiropractor in order to have your injuries assessed. This is also a savvy “first step” in making the legal claims for compensation around that slip and fall issue as well.

Interestingly enough, it is going to be of benefit to you if you act as quickly as possible after a slip and fall has occurred. This is why we would suggest that if you do suffer such a disaster, try to get medical attention at the scene. Most responsible business owners would not allow anyone to leave their premises without being seen by an emergency medical team, but there are some who want to dodge responsibility.

If you fall in a commercial or public place, and it was not fault of your own, you have to consider what the consequences might be if you leave the premises without getting any sort of documentation. Though you may not “feel it” yet, you may have done nerve or muscle damage that will wallop you the next day. You can avoid risks of being left without any means for compensation by simply asking the business or property owner to contact the emergency medical people in the area. They will make sure you have no serious injuries and will document the matter.

This makes the murkiness surrounding a slip and fall issue a bit less hazy because it shows when the injuries occurred. If you also make a visit to your Denver chiropractor right away, they will also clear things up a bit more by assessing the injury and describing the care needed. They may tell you that a rehab center is required for many months, or longer and they will show the property owner what the costs of their liability will be. This often gets cases resolved quickly and relatively painlessly.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker