You just fell down a set of stairs and as you lay at the bottom you may not have many coherent or clear thoughts in your head. This is unfortunate because such a moment is a time to begin making note of the things around you.

Why? If the fall was anywhere other than your own home, you may be able to get some compensation for the injuries you are likely to have sustained. This is especially the case if the fall was triggered by negligence on the part of the property owner AND if you have sustained a serious injury.

Consider that many people who take a tumble down a flight of stairs, or who sustain an injury in a public location, tend to harm their upper or lower back in some way. This is almost a “given” during a slip and fall, a lifting injury, or in many types of accidents in which the injured party is not at fault.

So, as you lay there with a serious or painful back injury, it would be beneficial if you could look around to see if there was a railing installed or to identify the exact reason why you fell down the stairs. If there is any cause apart from you merely losing your balance and falling, you need to pursue the issue.

That actually begins before you even leave the scene. For example, if you are in a public place and you understand that you fell for no fault of your own, you really should not get up and leave the scene without making an official report of some kind. Most people will tend to ask for medical assistance when they slip and fall, tumble down stairs, or sustain some other sort of injury to their back. This medical treatment is what you might call “step one” in the documentation process, and it is going to be vitally important to any legal claims later.

That emergency medical care is also going to prove valuable to your Denver chiropractor or rehab specialist also. This is because it will get you off on the proverbial right foot in terms of the treatment of the issue. For instance, you can call the chiropractor on the day of the event and head in with the medical report. The medical professionals at the site will have noted your condition and explained the incident. This is valuable information to the chiropractor or rehab specialist and they can use it to address your pain and injury.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker