Chiropractor in Denver, Dr. Trent Artichoker

Finding a chiropractor in Denver may not be difficult, but it is important to use someone with the experience and ability to treat specific conditions. Many doctors of chiropractic choose to specialize in areas such as sports, pediatrics, geriatrics, or car accident injuries. Therefore it is important to research the area for the right chiropractor.
As a chiropractor in Denver, Dr. Trent Artichoker offers treatments for multiple types of neck and back pain, including car accident injury treatments. Dr. Artichoker is an auto accident chiropractor in Denver that treats whiplash and other auto injuries. Not only does he treat car accident related injuries, he also treats sports injuries in Denver. He feels that his experience in treating sports injuries with the latest and most evidenced approach also helps his car accident patients.

Because of his experience and specializations, Dr. Trent Artichoker is an optimal choice when seeking a chiropractor in Denver. He brings a unique back ground in sports treatment and assessment that translates to better outcomes in treating car accident injuries, such as whiplash, neck pain, and back pain. If you are looking for a well balanced chiropractor in Denver, we would love to help. Please call 303-455-2225 to make an appointment.