In a world of ever striving for more convenience, how much should convenience play a role in your health care. I suppose it wouldn’t matter if all things were created equal. Are all chiropractors, dentists, spine surgeons, veterinarians equal in their respected field. If everyone in a profession were created equal then there wouldn’t be a need for, “A Second Opinion”. Searching “Chiropractor Near Me”, may not be the best strategy in finding the best chiropractor when it comes to looking for health care for your spine. In this realm, quality should be considered.

Although the best chiropractor might be down the street, it doesn’t hurt to actually spend some time looking for a doc that’s a good fit. After all, some chiropractors specialize in prenatal chiropractic, while others specialize in sports, neurology, radiology, and other specialties. There is a significant difference in treatment options and clinic styles so it makes sense to not just willingly go to the closest chiropractor.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you find a good chiropractor in Denver, CO.

  1. Talk to your inner circle. Direct, first hand experiences are often used by the wise consumer, but it is not the be all end of making an informed decision. Your inner circle may be biased or perhaps they went the chiropractor for an auto accident, but you need a scoliosis specialist. Make sure to ask lots of questions, especially if your dealing with a severe musculoskeletal issue.
  2. Ask your general practitioner. Progressive medical doctors that understand the value of spinal manipulative therapy in combination with physiotherapies can give you a solid chiropractic referral.
  3. If you are set on only using insurance for your chiropractic visits then you’ll have to ask your insurance for chiros on your particular plan. Just because a chiropractor takes your insurance doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be cheaper or better care. Some insurance plans will actually cost you more than the cash rate at the clinic.
  4. It also doesn’t hurt to actually go to the closest chiropractor and get an evaluation. Something as serious as a disc herniation or something of the like need’s careful consideration of therapeutic options. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions or go to multiple chiropractors for second opinions. The best chiropractic patient is one that is informed and is partner in the health decisions.
  5. One of the best ways to find a chiropractor is to go online and do a thorough search of chiropractic websites. Does their website look professional? Does the site convey an evidenced based approach? Do they have multiple therapeutic options? Do they specialize in your condition? Are they an integrated or multidisciplinary clinic?
  6. An absolute must go-to option is to read the chiropractor reviews. Be wary of clinics that only have 5-star reviews. Just like your favorite restaurant, its almost impossible to run a perfect business, especially when working with insurance companies. Google and Yelp are the predominant online review sites for chiropractors. Word of caution, read multiple reviews to make sure the testimonials seem genuine.

All in all, convenience may not be your best option when it come to your health care. So, google “chiropractor near me”, but also look other chiropractors.

Author: Denver Chiropractor Dr. Trent Artichoker

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