Many of the patients that walk into my Denver chiropractic clinic after being in a car accident in Denver, do not have a lawyer. Most of the time they are unsure if they need one or not. Some of these people do, and some these people do not need a lawyer.

How do you know if you need a lawyer or not. It is not always clear cut, and most likely if you are unsure if you need an attorney, you probably do need one.

Consults with a personal injury attorney in Denver are usually free, and can occur over the phone. I always recommend you take advantage this, they are not in business to make cases out of nothing. If they feel you could benefit, or be protected from their services, then you absolutely need a lawyer.

Do not make the mistake of trying to negotiate your case yourself, especially if there is lots of property damage, and serious injuries. You are not an expert in legal matters. This can be the biggest mistake you could make in dealing with your auto accident. Medico-legal matters can be very complex, and if you do not know the rules, you will be shortchanging yourself.

I think one big mistake that people make, is that they get greedy. They think that if they hire an attorney, that they will not get as much money for their pain and suffering. Typically this is the opposite, the work of your attorney will more than pay for itself. Do you really think that you can negotiate better than a lawyer?

Since not all car accidents are the same, lets look at some scenarios that you most definitely need a lawyer.

1. If it is not clear cut who’s fault the accident is, you need a lawyer.

2.If there is more than $1000 of property damage, you need a lawyer.

3. If the other driver is uninsured, or leaves the scene of the accident, then you need a lawyer.

4. If you are unable to work, or find it difficult to work or carry out your normal activities, then you need a lawyer.

5. If there is any emotional distress among the witnesses, then you need a lawyer.

6. If it difficult for you to carry out a normal sex life, then you need a lawyer.

7. If the insurance company is harassing you, or offering you very little for your car’s damage, or a very low settlement amount, then you need a lawyer.

8. If there are inaccuracies in the police report, then you need a lawyer.

9. If the insurance company denies your claim, or delays your claim, then you need a lawyer.

10. If you had a prior medical condition, and the car accident has made this condition worse, then you need a lawyer.

11. If you have low limits on you auto policy, you probably need a lawyer.

12. If you have no insurance, or unpaid premiums, then you need a lawyer.

13. If the insurance company starts employs a special investigations unit, then you need a lawyer.

Usually, the sooner you hire an attorney, the better. Every bit of communication you have with the insurance company will in part determine your case. Insurance companies have been found to act in bad faith, so don’t get trapped into thinking that your insurance company is out for your best interests. After all, they are a company that specifically designed to make money, and they just might want to take advantage, especially if you are playing cowboy.

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingent basis. This means if the case goes south, then you do not owe them a dime.

There are lots of car accident lawyers in Denver, and if you have decided that you do need one, then the next question is, which one. This is a whole other topic, and if you are wanting advice in this area, we can give you a list of trusted professionals.

Deciding to know if you need a personal injury lawyer in Denver or not, is not my specialty. Consults are easy, get professional advice from the experts. Why would you not take advantage of a free consult?

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