Improper treatment or delay of treatment after a Denver car accident can cause permanent injuries, or significantly delay your healing time. A Denver whiplash specialist specifically trained to treat and document your auto injuries is imperative for your chance of full recovery and will significantly determine how much of bodily injury settlement you will receive. As a Denver doctor that treats whiplash and other serious accident injuries, I’ve seen hundreds of auto injury cases.

Denver Whiplash Specialist

Some cases with similar injuries and similar vehicle collision mechanisms can have much different outcomes. This is in part determined when you go to the doctor and which doctor you go to. Many doctors have no training in auto injury and may dismiss your injuries. Some doctors may do a wait and watch or rather yet, prescribe heavy narcotics that can lead to addiction problems. Others will most likely prescribe physical therapy.

Physical therapy is great adjunct to auto injury rehabilitation, but should never be a standalone treatment. In my experience, a combination of specialists such as Denver chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and acupuncturists will provide the best results. Your choice of treatment, or rather, what your doctor recommends will play a huge factor in the success of your chances of full recovery. Unfortunately, getting inadequate Denver whiplash treatment may lead to a lifetime of chronic pain.

Another major consequence of going to a doctor for whiplash who hasn’t been trained specifically in all areas of auto injury management is that it may affect your settlement. Your health is the number one priority, but you must remember that with all injuries, they have a chance of coming back every so often. Even if you get the best treatment that money can buy, injuries have a neck for resurfacing, as most tissues do not have the ability to regenerate themselves once injured. Scar tissue is formed and it is less resilient, non elastic, non contractile, and not as functional which leads to future problems.

This is why your settlement for bodily injury from the at-fault insurance company is important. You will need to pay for future treatment for flare ups of your injuries. Your settlement amount is determined by lots of factors, but one very large factor is the quality of notes that your doctors or therapists generate during all phases of your treatment.

It is the quality of documentation that will allow your Denver personal injury attorney to best represent you. This is when a Denver whiplash spe

cialist pays off, as you will not only get the best treatment available to you, but you will also get objective records accurately showing all aspects of your injury.

There are too many details to go into about what gets documented. What is important is that the medical records will show exactly how you were injured, the way you were injured, how the injury affected your day to day life, and what is to be expected in the future. Future medical costs will be calculated which is also important to your overall settlement.

All doctors want the best outcome for you, but it is important how that gets documented. Adequate records will show all insurance companies, all lawyers, and perhaps a jury what exactly occurred to you from the time of the accident till what the future may hold for such injuries sustained. At Denver Chiropractic, LLC we take the time fully document every aspect of your situation and can provide you the best available treatment. Contact us to make an appointment with our Denver whiplash specialist today.