Do you need a Lawyer?
Do you need a Lawyer?

First off, I would like to predicate my following paragraphs with a clause of discretion. Every situation and outcome is different and unique compared to all car accidents that occur. There are many factors at play regarding your accident, and how you are treated by all parties involved make a big difference in the decision to acquire legal representation.


As a doctor of chiropractic, my training has revolved around the human body. My expertise is in consulting, examining, diagnosing, and treating the body to make it heal. I do have additional training in auto injury issues. Similar to an Attorney, they are experts in the field of law, and they are the ones to ask your legal questions.

It can be difficult to know if you need an attorney or not, and sometimes, it is rather clear that you need expert counsel on your side. I would absolutely love to say, that the insurance company representing the at fault party would do anything to make things right. Such as pay for all your medical bills, restore your car to its original condition, rightfully pay for lost wages, and pay for pain and suffering.

In some instances, insurance companies treat everyone fairly, and in other instances I’ve seen the victim be treated as a potential fraud. Being investigated is a sure sign that you will need a personal injury lawyer in Denver. Other instances of needing legal counsel; include, refusal of paying for medical bills, harassment, permanent injuries are sustained, loss of economic wages, loss of consortium, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, duties under duress, underestimate of vehicle damage, not restoring your vehicle to its original condition, under assessing your vehicle damage, high pressure tactics in settling for less than amounts, unannounced drop by interviews, urging you to see a different doctor, unflattering remarks about your current doctor, harassing your doctor, aggravation of pre-existing conditions, multiple car accidents in a short period of time, multiple insurers involved, and multiple people hurt in the accident.

As you see, there are many factors involved, and that is why it is best to seek a consultation, which almost always free, to a well qualified personal injury lawyer in Denver. If you are in any doubt that you do need a lawyer, then that is a pretty good sign in itself that you need to discuss your case with counsel.

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