You must know this information! If you have been in a car accident in Denver, this is imperative must have knowledge. Auto insurance companies are in the business to make profit. View the video above to learn about questionable practices used to devalue your auto insurance claim.

You have the right to a fair settlement, and the ability to get the treatment you need now and in the future. Auto injuries can create chronic disabling issues, which can affect your ability to work, play with your kids or grand kids, or even get dressed without help.

Even seemingly minor injuries can lead you to a greater risk of being injured again. You deserve the rights of your policy that YOU purchased!

Here’s the secret. Insurance company giants use highly sophisticated computer software that determines what your claim is worth. So the software will give you a fair settlement, correct? Not so fast, these computer programs are in force to save auto insurance companies big dollars.

Let’s pretend you were in a car accident, you start to develop pain and other issues that were not there before. What you do next is critical. You must choose the correct type of doctor.

Of course, doctors are there to help you, but going to the wrong doctor can harm your chances of a fair settlement. Why? Because the doctors learned how to fix people, or get them better, but not taught the insurance software feed demands.

These feed demands, are a set of very specific questions, medical report formatting procedures, and even the seemingly minor forms used, can be a factor in your settlement.

As a doctor of chiropractic in Denver that treats car accident injuries, I’m here to objectively, and correctly document your injuries so you get a fair settlement. I’m not your advocate. I’m a doctor that can document your injuries in a way that is congruent with the auto industry rules. I play no favorites.

We all have to play by the rules, so going to a doctor that knows the rules of healing can help you get better. You must go to a doctor that has the training in treating car accident victims. Do not be a victim twice.

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