When the body is injured in multiple places it can be difficult for the body to heal itself. You can get back pain from whiplash, a head injury from whiplash, headaches, injuries to the discs, injury to the joints, injuries to the muscles and other supporting tissue, etc. Most often times during a whiplash accident, multiple types of tissue are injured in multiple places. This is the reason you will need treatment and unfortunately you will need more than one treatment.

Below is a table summarizing whiplash injury treatment in Colorado from an auto accident chiropractor. Whiplash is also termed cervical acceleration deceleration syndrome.  The grading of your injuries will be determined by your personal injury chiropractor.

Denver Whiplash Specialist

1. Adapted from Croft AC:   Treatment paradigm for cervical acceleration/deceleration injuries (whiplash).   Am Chiro Assoc J Chiro 30(1):   41-45, 1993.

2. TD indicates treatment duration; TN treatment total number;

3. Possible follow-up at 1 month.

4. May require permanent monthly or p.r.n. treatment.

As you notice, treatment frequency is daily for the first week for the most minor case that could last 11 weeks with a total of 21 visits. If your Denver car accident doctor evaluated you and recommended such a treatment length it is because whiplash injuries take time to heal with proper treatment. Without proper treatment they may never heal properly and preclude you to chronic pain.

As a Denver car crash specialist, I regularly get the deer in the headlights look when I explain to people that they will need approximately 20 plus treatments. I understand that this seems like a lot of treatment, but then again you just had a 3,000 pound vehicle slam into you. Auto accident injuries are unique in that the crash imparts a tremendous amount of force on the vehicle occupants in a very short amount of time (mass=force x acceleration).

If you were in an auto accident in Denver, we can help. If you do not have med pay on your auto insurance, we can provide treatment to you on a lien. A chiropractic lien in Denver is paid off at the end of your treatment through the settlement by the at fault insurance company.

It is very important for you to have patience as your car accident whiplash injuries take time to heal. It is also important to know that you will have aggravations of your injuries, and that healing is an up and down process. Your car accident chiropractor will know if you need to see a specialist or get imaging.

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