After your accident, you will need further care, and will have to be seen by a doctor that specializes in auto accidents. Initially, your injuries might seem minor, but it is typical for auto accident symptoms to slowly come about. Your injuries will fully express themselves within a week or two. With in that time period it would be wise to seek a specialist trained in auto accidents, such as a chiropractor in Denver, orthopedists, neurologist, and a Denver accident lawyer depending on the degree of your injuries.

If you wait to long to see a medical professional, or attorney, you will have a very difficult time in getting your case paid for by insurance. Not all doctors will take auto cases. This is because the treatment is handled on a lien basis, which can take months to years of waiting to get paid for the treatment’s they provide.

Insurance can be confusing, so a good lawyer here in Denver is crucial to helping you with getting your bills paid. There are lots car accident lawyers here in Denver, if you are looking for a lawyer, we would be happy to assist you, as we have dealt with numerous personal injury attorneys. A good lawyer is priceless, and will make the process of communicating with insurance companies much easier and less stressful.

Colorado is currently using a TORT system rather than a no-fault system with car accidents. This means that the other party at fault will have to pay for your medical fees, legal expenses, pain and suffering, loss time from work, and any other expenses or damages accrued by the accident. It is very important that when shopping for auto insurance that you know exactly what is covered, and not covered.

I’m here to help you as a car accident doctor in Denver, with your medical care. I have been trained by one of the leading experts in the world of auto injury and can help you. If you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident and go to a doctor that is not trained in auto accidents, their report could potentially ruin your case. The case is heavily dependent on the quality of the medical report, examination, and appropriate treatment.

If you have never seen a chiropractor before, now is the time. Spinal manipulation, along with exercise is one of the best treatments for neck and back pain. Here at Denver Chiropractic, LLC, we offer a variety of therapies to help you heal from your injuries.

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