In an instant, your life just changed courses. It is like being a leaf in the wind, your direction will be decided by factors that you cannot control. Being in a Denver auto accident is very similar. I’m here to help protect your medical rights, and get you on the road to recovery as fast as possible. Your first course of action, is to see doctor that specializes in treating car accident injuries. You want the best, and not just any doctor will do.

Unfortunately, many of today’s doctors do not have adequate training when it comes to documenting for car accident injuries. Treating car crash victims takes special education, because the documents generated are potentially used in the court of law. Due to this, documenting increases ten fold compared to the typical patient.

Another major difference that I have seen in treating Denver car accidents, is the type of injuries involved. Auto injuries can be unique compared to a typical injury, and it takes special knowledge of auto injury biomechanic mechanisms to help determine your injuries.

Besides choosing the right doctor, your medical expenses might need to be treated under a lien. A lien is used when the at-fault party is denying responsibility, or your med pay under your auto insurance is exhausted already. Not all doctors will take a lien, and this is a huge barrier to getting the care you need.

I’m located in a convenient part of Denver, and we offer flexible times for your appointments. We offer a wide array of evidence based services, and we have access to MRI’s, Video fluoroscopy, X-Ray, and other doctors of varying specialties.

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