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State Farm is one of the largest auto insurance carriers in the world. They have an estimated 40 million policy holders. They receive approximately 15,000 soft tissue injury claims per day, and out of that, chiropractors treat about 90% of those 15,000 claims. Our auto accident chiropractor in Denver can treat your car accident injuries. One reason people seek the chiropractor to get treatment is due to asymmetric muscle spasm and injuries in relation to the spine which ultimately pull the spine out of alignment.

Your auto injuries need to be documented to the nth degree. The more documentation you have, the better your rights are protected. Not only will an auto accident chiropractor in Denver help document your injuries, but also get you the possible care. We are networked with almost every medical specialty that one would need. A regular non-trained car accident doctor does not have the training necessary to thoroughly document your case. The medical notes generated by the doctors you see need to address every single aspect your problems. Your lawyer, your auto insurance’s lawyer, and the other person’s auto insurance’s lawyers will all be combing over your medical records very carefully. Documentation is crucial to protect your rights. A non-trained car accident doctor in Denver could actually harm your rights, and make you a victim again.

A trained auto accident chiropractor in Denver does not just take a weekend seminar and call themselves a car accident doctor.  Our specialist, Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC has been trained by one of the world’s leading experts in whiplash and car accident injuries, Dr. Arthur Croft. He is a forensics expert that voraciously reads and reviews all car accident related injury research. His expertise is unparalleled, and often times called as an expert witness.  If you live in or near the Denver area, Dr. Artichoker is more than capable of handling and treating your car accident injuries.

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  1. Even if your auto accident seemed minor because of slow speeds or little damage to your vehicle, that doesn’t mean injury did not occur. At just 10mph, the body can be subjected to a force of 5 to 10 G’s. The force of 10 G’s is greater than a fighter pilot would experience during aerial combat.
    Independent studies show that your body can violently move back and forth 6 to 10 times the speed your auto was going at time of impact. In other words, a 5-10 mph crash, your neck can move at 50 to 100 miles per hour! This is how G force can cause serious injuries at even low speeds.
    Even those involved in low-speed accidents should see their chiropractor to rule out a whiplash injury that, if left untreated, can have ramifications for years.

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