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How Active Release Technique and Dry Needling Complement Each Other

Treating the body can be like a master painter using canvas and paint. It demands mastery of fundamentals, yet the addition of the creative.

Vitamin D Supplementation for Back Pain

Back pain comes in many forms and behaves quite differently from person to person. Treatments can vary from manual therapy to psychological.

Dry Needling for Back Pain

Who would have thought that sticking a person with a bunch of needles could actually help a person. I would have never guessed. It turns out that the…

Do You Have Text Neck?

It’s time to text out and tune in to the real world when it comes to our phone use. Our iPhones and Androids are running and ruining our lives.

Understanding Personal Injury to the Back

You just fell down a set of stairs and as you lay at the bottom you may not have many coherent or clear thoughts in your head. This is unfortunate…

Steps After Personal Injury

One of the most difficult injuries to deal with is a back injury. There is just so much going on along the spinal column and neck that it can be…

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Chiropractic Care and Personal Injury

It is likely that if you have sustained a serious upper or lower back injury that you don’t feel much like cooperating, or doing anything at all for…

Back Pain in Denver? Does Back Pain Really Go Away After 6 Weeks?

I suppose if this were true, chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedists, and other professionals that deal with the back wouldn’t have many…

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Chiropractors in Denver Treat Spine and Pelvis Problems

The spine has over 100 joints that allow it to move and function freely. The high mobility that the spine gives us, can also mean that problems arise…