A recent journal article estimates that between 10% and 21% of people have neck pain. Car accidents are a common cause of such pain. Whether car accident-related pain lasts for a few weeks or becomes a chronic condition, such neck pain shares one common feature: Those suffering from it want relief as soon as possible.

Fortunately, our Denver Chiropractic, LLC team has a lot of experience helping people recover from car accidents. We know how difficult a painful neck can make moving, sleeping, and many other movements we often take for granted. We also know how neck issues can impact circulation, nerve performance, and other critical body systems. We hope the following guide will give you a sample of the services we offer to treat neck pain.

Hands-On Therapies

Hands-on therapies are what many of our prospective patients envision when they consider seeing a chiropractor. During a car accident, delicate neck vertebrae can become misaligned. These therapies help restore optimal position, movement, and function.

When you’re in an accident, tissues and bones are moved from their original locations. Sometimes, this movement is dramatic and results in a broken bone or other easily recognized trauma. Many times, such damage can cause more subtle symptoms like a bit of stiffness or soreness.

While it can be easy to minimize such symptoms, we hope you’ll consider that your levels of stress hormones are incredibly high, affecting the way you perceive pain. For a dramatic example of this, consider situations in which a person has picked up a car to rescue someone else. Lifting a ton or more has to be painful, yet stress hormones blunt the pain when heroic action is required.

One of the issues you might not notice right after a car accident is vertebral misalignment. Our term for this misalignment is subluxation. When you experience subluxation, the misplaced vertebrae can place pressure on nerves or even cause painful nerve compression.

Nerves are critical because they are the pathways connecting the brain and body to deliver information about the outside world. They also send commands to the body that determine how you move or act in the world and how your organs, blood vessels, and other body parts function. In short, the quality of your nerve function determines your quality of life.

Hands-on spinal manipulation can help us resolve your subluxation. Once the subluxation is resolved, we can focus on optimizing your nerve function and overall health.

Another common issue with car accidents is disc issues. The discs can become compressed due to the force during a car accident. This compression reduces the cushioning the discs typically provide for the spine and can also compress nerves, leading to various issues. Fortunately, we can use flexion-distraction therapy to restore the optimal space available for the disc.

While many individuals have visible scars following a car accident, scar tissue can also form inside the body. Adhesions, or areas of internal scar tissue, limit movement and make it painful. Graston technique is a chiropractic method that uses a metal tool to reduce scar tissue so muscles and connective tissue can move more freely.

Active Release Technique (ART) is another technique for treating scar tissue. During an ART session, we separate your scar tissue from muscle while you perform prescribed movements.

Massage and Physical Therapy Treatments

Our practice’s massage therapy team has the expertise to boost circulation, bringing vital nutrient-rich blood to promote tissue healing in your neck. Massage therapy also helps relieve pain by gently warming muscles.

Physical therapy focuses on increasing your ability to move. After a car accident, neck pain can interfere with driving, turning your head, and many other daily activities. Our on-staff physical therapist can help relieve your pain and teach you how to safely regain a healthier range of motion in your neck.

Our physical therapist can also create an individualized movement program for home use. This will help extend your physical learning into your home and work environment. It will also give your muscles additional opportunities to develop healthier movement patterns.

Technology-Based Solutions

Laser and other technologies have revolutionized healthcare. In our office, we offer a variety of laser-based treatments. Laser therapies allow us to treat patients at the cellular level.

Some benefits of the laser and other technology-based treatments we offer include nerve and circulatory stimulation, increased anti-inflammatory action, and boosted metabolic activity. These benefits help create the conditions needed for wound healing. Laser therapy also promotes the release of endorphins and enkephalins, which act as natural opiates for pain relief.

Laser therapy can also be combined with the Graston Technique, ART, and other therapies focused on scar tissue reduction since it reduces the amount of scar tissue that forms after tissue damage.

Ultrasound therapy can deliver pain-relieving heat deep into painful neck muscles. K-Laser therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that uses lightwaves to reduce painful inflammation.

Some of the laser and technology-based therapies we offer include:

Relief for Your Neck Pain

We’ve been in a few car accidents, so we know the first thing you want is relief from your pain. While everyone seems to focus on spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other more visible problems, neck pain can interfere with your ability to drive, concentrate, or even sleep.

Our Denver Chiropractic, LLC team has the experience and expertise you need. We only present treatments that get research-supported results and provide treatment according to scientifically-accepted protocols. Give us a call today at (303) 455-2225, fill out our online contact form, or even personally email Dr. Artichoker at drtrent@denverchiropracticllc.com for neck pain relief.