Dr. Lee Moorer, MD, FACEP

Dr. Lee Moorer is an auto injury expert. His background has given him a depth of experience in emergency management which has led him to focus on auto accident injury care in Denver.

Lee Moorer, MD, FACEP – Auto Injury SpecialistLee Moorer, MD - denver car accident doctor

  • Doctor of Medicine
    University of Kentucky College of Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine Residency Program
    University of Chicago – The Pritzker School of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science
    Miami University
  • Emergency Physician
    University of Colorado Health


Dr. Lee Moorer brings a wealth of experience to Denver Chiropractic, LLC. His training as an emergency room physician has given him a depth of experience in dealing with a variety of auto accident related injuries. He works with car accident injury victims not only in the emergency department, but also as a general physician. In the office he specializes in the management and treatment of auto accident patients. He ensures that his patients are getting the best care possible from the multiple disciplines that handle auto injuries.

Per say, he is the quarterback of the team, and co-ordinates all care from start to finish for an auto injury case. He is the manager and head doctor of the auto case. He has a vast network of specialists, including; physiatrists, orthopedists, neurologists, neuropsychologists, and just about any other specialty. Most car accident injuries produce a variety of injuries and thus the need for multiple specialists. Dr. Moorer fills the role of a treating provider, but also as a case manager and contact person for all of the different doctors involved. This dramatically improves case outcomes.

He works intimately with the chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and acupuncturist at Denver Chiropractic, LLC. Dr. Moorer works side by side with these providers. This “all in one location” not only makes it convenient for patients, but it also enables constant communication on the progress of the patients. It is this communication between all of the providers that allows high quality patient care in conjunction with providing a very detailed and well documented case for the legal aspect of an auto injury.

When Dr. Moorer is not treating car accident patients, you can find him on the mats, practicing his jiu jitsu. He also enjoys traveling, snorkeling, and spending time with his family.

If you had a car accident in Denver, our clinic is centrally located, has multiple types of providers, and can help you in every aspect of your care. Please call 303-455-2225 to schedule a consultation.

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