Dr. Dan Hartman PT, DPT, OSC

Automobile whiplash accidents produce an array of soft tissue injuries that need addressed by an experienced physical therapist. Dr. Dan Hartman is Denver Chiropractic, LLC's specialist in providing evidenced based treatments for spinal related conditions, by using the latest advances in physical therapy.

Dr. Dan Hartman PT, DPT, OSC – Auto Injury Physical Therapistdan hartman auto injury PT in Denver, CO

Dr. Dan Hartman has almost 2 decades of physical therapy experience. His experience has led him to treat a wide a variety of neuromusculoskeletal conditions, including automobile injuries, such as whiplash. Having obtained his Orthopedic Certified Specialist degree, his diagnostic skill set is at the highest level.  His breadth of experience combined with this advanced certification allows him to provide the best possible treatment outcomes.

His approach to getting patients out of pain quickly and achieve optimal performance include a variety of techniques. Along with core stabilization corrective exercises, he also preforms dry needling in Denver, utilizes spinal manipulation therapy, and a variety of hands on manual therapies. His goal is to the use the latest evidenced based therapies in spinal disorders, in particular, whiplash and other car accident related injuries.

He has found that a combination of therapies is usually the best approach for car wreck victims. Besides dry needling and functional exercise, he also does cupping which he has found to help remove inflammation, improve circulation, and to help break up adhesions. It is the adhesions, also known as scar tissue that forms after an auto accident that can keep an injury in a chronic cycle. His utilization of cupping, as well as an instrument assisted soft tissue technique, such as Graston technique, helps break up scar tissue and thus restoring mobility to an area.

Denver Chiropractic, LLC feels lucky to have such a well experienced doctor of physical therapy on board. When Dr. Hartman is not fixing patients, you can find him cycling through the mountains, traveling the world, and spending time with his family.

Please call 303-455-2225 if you would like an appointment with Dr. Dan Hartman for your auto accident injury.

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