Car Accident Lien

Obtaining a lien can be an important part of your car accident injury care. Some providers will not accept health insurance for injuries caused by another. A car accident lien will help you get the treatment that you need to help you fully recover.

It can be difficult to find a Denver auto accident doctor that will take your case on a lien. Medical providers are customary to being paid within a reasonable time, and with liens, it can take years to be paid. Thus, most doctors or other providers will not treat you on a car accident lien.

Car Accident Lien Facts

A lien is similar to using a credit card, meaning that you are given credit, assuming that we will be paid at a later date. At our clinic, if your case qualifies, we know that there will be a settlement at the end of your treatment, once you have been restored to your prior condition. The at fault insurance company, or by using your uninsured motorist coverage, you will receive a settlement for your case. At this point, you will pay off your lien with the settlement. Once your settlement is negotiated by your attorney from the insurance company, negotiations with the treating medical providers thus ensues. Most medical providers understand that negotiating their bills with your attorney is standard procedure. This does not mean that all providers will reduce their bill, but if they took your case on a lien, then most likely they will reduce their overall bill. At Denver Chiropractic, LLC we are accustomed to taking a patient under a car accident lien. We are also willing to reduce our bills, but the reduction must be reasonable. Your attorney should reduce their bills just as much as the providers. An attorney that asks us to reduce our bills without them taking a reduction will be met with a stern, “No”. This is an unfair act of negotiations and is not tolerated at our clinic.

Getting The Treatment You Need

Our utmost concern is getting you the care you need to recover from your accident. Sometimes a lien takes years to pay, which is something that business really does not look forward to. Our real reward is being able to help a fellow member of the community, which may help refer other clients to our car wreck clinic.

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