Brent Turner, PA-C, ATC

Brent Turner, PA-C, ATC

  • Master’s Degree in Medical Science
    Emory University
  • Master’s Degree in Exercise & Movement Science
    University of Oregon
  • ┬áBachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology
    University of Colorado

We are very proud to add Brent Turner to our arsenal of providers here at Denver Chiropractic, LLC. He brings a wealth of knowledge with a specialty in emergency medicine. His role at the clinic is to help evaluate and treat victims of auto injury crashes. His specialty in car accident care allows our clinic to be more well rounded when handling whiplash and other related car accident injuries.

Brent Turner is not only a Physician Assistant that specializes in car accident care in Denver, he is also a certified Athletic Trainer. This unique combination of training allows him to not only properly evaluate car accident injuries, but also help recommend the best in non pharmacological care for the best and fastest recovery. He truly takes pride in giving the best care possible as he is also studying integrative medicine. He intertwines the principles of functional integrative medicine with his other specialties to help maximize proper patient care.

When Brent Turner is not at the clinic you can find him out on some of the best of Colorado’s trails hiking, or running. He practices what he preaches, as you’ll also run into him at the gym. He is also a newlywed and enjoys to travel and see the world. Denver Chiropractic, LLC is lucky to have Brent, as is, the patients that he treats.

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