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injury settlement, chiropractor denver

If you have suffered an upper or lower back injury while at work, it is likely that you are going to qualify for worker’s compensation. This is a good thing because many injuries of this kind can be painful, ongoing, debilitating, and even disabling. The worker’s compensation will make it possible for you to have wages or medical coverage for the length of time required, though some instances can lead to the need for legal assistance.

Here is a good example: a small framed person is asked to lift some boxes recently delivered to their place of business. The manager knows that the boxes are heavy but still asks the employee to move them. Because the boxes are close to 70 percent of the employee’s actual body weight, they suffer a “soft tissue” injury – basically a seriously strained muscle in their back.

This injury requires at least three months of rehab treatment and regular visits to your Denver chiropractor to ensure that the matter is addressed correctly and the person does not suffer from ongoing and/or chronic pain.

This is most certainly a matter for worker’s compensation, but the chiropractor and rehab center may both have to work with the appropriate agencies to explain what happened, how it is to be treated, and what the possible outcome or risks might be.

This is something that is not a “DIY” issue, even if an employer tries to insist that lawyers or special legal assistance is necessary. You don’t want to “mess around” with any sort of back or neck injury, and this means that you have to seek medical care immediately after an injury.

In fact, most legal experts would tell you that a visit to a chiropractor after any sort of “on the job injury” involving the neck or back is certainly a matter of the “sooner the better”. This is because you may have done serious damage that cannot just wait for a review board or worker’s compensation doctor. You should know that most worker’s compensation claims require specific doctors, but that does not mean you have to wait around before seeking help.

If you are concerned about your risks for a back or neck injury due to your job, it is a good idea to visit compensation law, in order to understand the expectations for someone who is hurt. You will see that your ongoing care may be through a specific rehab specialist, but the initial treatment can be done immediately.

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injury settlement, chiropractor denver

Did you know that there is actually a legal precedence behind a “slip and fall” issue? It is often called a personal injury, but it can become a “premises liability” issue or even qualify under worker’s compensation. Though most legal professionals would say that the entire slip and fall system is a bit on the murky or cloudy side, what they do agree on is the fact that those who are injured deserve compensation.

If you have just endured a slip and fall injury in a place that was not your home, it is quite likely that you have harmed your back or neck. This is most certainly the moment to pay a visit to a professional chiropractor in order to have your injuries assessed. This is also a savvy “first step” in making the legal claims for compensation around that slip and fall issue as well.

Interestingly enough, it is going to be of benefit to you if you act as quickly as possible after a slip and fall has occurred. This is why we would suggest that if you do suffer such a disaster, try to get medical attention at the scene. Most responsible business owners would not allow anyone to leave their premises without being seen by an emergency medical team, but there are some who want to dodge responsibility.

If you fall in a commercial or public place, and it was not fault of your own, you have to consider what the consequences might be if you leave the premises without getting any sort of documentation. Though you may not “feel it” yet, you may have done nerve or muscle damage that will wallop you the next day. You can avoid risks of being left without any means for compensation by simply asking the business or property owner to contact the emergency medical people in the area. They will make sure you have no serious injuries and will document the matter.

This makes the murkiness surrounding a slip and fall issue a bit less hazy because it shows when the injuries occurred. If you also make a visit to your Denver chiropractor right away, they will also clear things up a bit more by assessing the injury and describing the care needed. They may tell you that a rehab center is required for many months, or longer and they will show the property owner what the costs of their liability will be. This often gets cases resolved quickly and relatively painlessly.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

injury settlement, chiropractor denver

You just fell down a set of stairs and as you lay at the bottom you may not have many coherent or clear thoughts in your head. This is unfortunate because such a moment is a time to begin making note of the things around you.

Why? If the fall was anywhere other than your own home, you may be able to get some compensation for the injuries you are likely to have sustained. This is especially the case if the fall was triggered by negligence on the part of the property owner AND if you have sustained a serious injury.

Consider that many people who take a tumble down a flight of stairs, or who sustain an injury in a public location, tend to harm their upper or lower back in some way. This is almost a “given” during a slip and fall, a lifting injury, or in many types of accidents in which the injured party is not at fault.

So, as you lay there with a serious or painful back injury, it would be beneficial if you could look around to see if there was a railing installed or to identify the exact reason why you fell down the stairs. If there is any cause apart from you merely losing your balance and falling, you need to pursue the issue.

That actually begins before you even leave the scene. For example, if you are in a public place and you understand that you fell for no fault of your own, you really should not get up and leave the scene without making an official report of some kind. Most people will tend to ask for medical assistance when they slip and fall, tumble down stairs, or sustain some other sort of injury to their back. This medical treatment is what you might call “step one” in the documentation process, and it is going to be vitally important to any legal claims later.

That emergency medical care is also going to prove valuable to your Denver chiropractor or rehab specialist also. This is because it will get you off on the proverbial right foot in terms of the treatment of the issue. For instance, you can call the chiropractor on the day of the event and head in with the medical report. The medical professionals at the site will have noted your condition and explained the incident. This is valuable information to the chiropractor or rehab specialist and they can use it to address your pain and injury.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

injury settlement, chiropractor denver

How does personal injury law relate to a Denver chiropractor? It is actually a very common “pairing” because so many personal injuries end up impacting the neck and the back, which is the chiropractor’s area of specialization. The reason that you need to understand that your chiropractor might be familiar with personal injury issues is because you may need their help in making a claim in a personal injury case.

Here is what we mean: let’s say that you are at work and that you go to enter a conference room. As you do, you trip over a piece of carpet that has been torn and left un-mended for many weeks. In fact, after you trip and fall there is a lot of discussion about the event being “only a matter of time” because of the way the management has ignored the problem.

So, what to do? You know that you have hurt your back during the fall and you understand that it was not really your fault that it happened. It is very important to remember that such an incident is going to require the discovery of two things: did the management or property owner knowingly neglect the problem that led to the fall and did you act irresponsibly around the problem area, causing yourself to fall?

We know that the answer to the first question is yes, and we also know that you didn’t push boundaries or act irresponsibly before the fall. So, that means you have a “premises liability” claim or even a worker’s compensation claim. This is the moment when the chiropractor has to enter into the equation.

When you fall, you would be best served by insisting that an emergency medical call was made. This is a vital choice if you have harmed your back because a pinched or compressed nerve, soft tissue damage, or other injuries can be easily worsened by just hopping up and moving on. Allow the medical team to examine you and then get a copy of the report. This gives you proof of where and when the injury occurred and gives the chiropractor essential details about the matter.

You should call them for an emergency visit on the day of the accident or the next day at the latest. They can begin to address the matter and can also document the kinds of care and treatment you are going to need, which is the next step your personal injury case.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

injury settlement, chiropractor denver

One of the most difficult injuries to deal with is a back injury. There is just so much going on along the spinal column and neck that it can be difficult to identify a specific issue or problem. This is why many personal injury cases involving the back and neck become so difficult as well.

For example, when people claim to have chiropractic injuries due to no fault of their own, they often have to submit evidence that their claims are true. After all, it is easy enough to “say” that you cannot move your head to one side due to an upper back injury, but is it the truth? This is the challenge that a personal injury lawyer has to face, but you can lighten their load by documenting everything that happens if you are ever injured in this way.

Consider the following illustration: You are at work and you make a few reports that one of the stairs in an access area is a bit shaky. One afternoon, you use those stairs and the shaky one causes you to fall. You are bruised and scraped, but it is your back that is killing you. Instead of getting up and going back to work, you need to insist that an EMT is called. You could have injured your head or done damage that you don’t know about, AND you need that EMT to document the incident. This is a neutral party who is there for medical reasons, but they will confirm date, time, and that it was clearly a loose stair.

They also make note of all injuries at the moment of the incident, and this is when the first note of your back or neck injury is made. You will then take this to your Denver chiropractor (either the same day or the next) and give them the notes in order to help them do a full assessment of your injuries. They too will make notes and create a clear picture of the extent of the damage.

It is now that you can pursue your personal injury case. Whether you follow the “worker’s compensation” process or a more in-depth premises liability case is not important. What is important is that you documented things from the moment that they occurred, and by doing that you ensured that no one could say you are just claiming injury because you have irrefutable medical proof that it did occur.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

injury settlement

You suffer an accident and are left with long term, or even permanent, damage to your neck or back. This means that you are quite likely to need to visit a chiropractor or a rehab center on a frequent basis and perhaps even for the rest of your life.

Just stop to consider that something as simple as the classic “slip and fall” in the grocery store, at work, or in a place outside of your home can result in everything from fibromyalgia symptoms to chronic head and neck aches. This means that you do have to consider how a personal injury claim might be of use to you in the future.

Your first step is to make a visit to a site such as personal injury claim, as this will give you all of the basics about what to expect and the different ways that your injury can be dealt with in a reasonable and realistic way.

For example, you will quickly learn that you should not hesitate to seek professional medical treatment as soon as possible after the injury has occurred. Though a boss or property owner may believe that you have only taken a tumble, pulled a muscle, or may even not believe you are injured at all, you are running risks of doing further harm if you do not give your chiropractor or medical provider a call right away. Consider too that if you leave work, go to the store, and then head home it can weaken any claims you have that the injury was sustained at the job (or any other location), which can make it difficult to get the care and compensation you deserve.

This is a good time to also point out that there are different types of claims that you might make in an injury to the neck or back. For instance, you might file for worker’s compensation or you may need to make a premises liability claim. In all such incidences, however, it is a medical professional who is required to get things started.

In most cases, the injured person is simply asked to have a specific set of tests done (which are usually determined by the injuries claimed) and to allow medical experts to identify the seriousness of the issue. It is usually then a matter of calculating how long the care will be and whether the individual is to receive some sort of lump sum settlement if the matter is long term or chronic.

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injury settlement

It is likely that if you have sustained a serious upper or lower back injury that you don’t feel much like cooperating, or doing anything at all for that matter. This is a common dilemma that people with chiropractic injuries face – they have to get treatment and improve their conditions, but they also have to function in the face of pain or major discomfort. This can make it very trying and difficult to file a claim for personal injury.

This is usually the reason that people are told to seek legal assistance immediately after any sort of injury occurs. Of course, it is best to get medical care before reaching for the nearest phone and contacting a law firm, but it is best to act fast on both matters.

Obviously, you need the appropriate medical and chiropractic care right away in order to prevent further damage and to get you on the road to recovery. You should also understand, however, that your Denver chiropractor or rehab specialist is going to serve as a powerful source of evidence as to the extent of the damage.

For example, let’s say you are in the grocery store and there have been some calls for a “clean up on aisle…” You may subconsciously hear these announcements, but like most other shoppers you may not make any sort of mental “note” to be careful in that aisle. After ten minutes of shopping you turn a corner and go sliding along the floor with a crash. You have just discovered that unattended spill, and learned that the cleanup never happened.

This is called a “slip and fall” incident but is always going to end up as a case of personal injury. After you take the fall, it is likely that you will need medical care, and this is the time to begin documenting your case.

For instance, NEVER finish your shopping, load it into the car, and head home. Instead, you will want to request that a medical team is called and that you are treated at the scene or taken to a medical facility. There you will need to ensure that your upper and lower back are assessed for injury, and then follow up with your chiropractor to begin getting treatment.

This is the only way to be able to live with the injury as you begin the process of asking the store (or party “at fault”) to pay compensation towards medical bills or other issues.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

injury settlement

Whether you were in an auto accident, slipped and fell in a public place, sustained an injury while at work, or harmed your back in a way that was “no fault” of your own, you have to get the right care. It is just old-fashioned common knowledge that a back or neck injury that is left untreated will tend to worsen, and though you may insist that it was just a fall down a few stairs, or just a box that was a bit too heavy, you must get treatment.

The problem for some people is that the injury sustained in a public place may lead to the need for legal assistance, and a lot of people are afraid of that. This, however, is no reason to let an injury just go without care. The first thing to understand is that there are many kinds of “personal injury” cases where you have to do very little to demonstrate your right to compensation. The key to all cases, however, is to act as quickly as possible after they have occurred as this is the one way to show that you were injured in exactly the manner claimed.

For example, let’s say you are at work and a manager tells you to go and move a delivery of boxes. You begin lifting and moving the boxes, but one of them is tremendously heavy, and as you begin to attempt to move it you feel a huge pain in your back and neck. You know that your lifting is done for the day, but what else do you do? Do you just go back to work? Do you go home?

This is the moment to seek emergency medical care in order to document the claim. The medical professionals consulted are going to make note of the time, date, and all of the things that have happened to your back or neck. This is the first and most essential step in demonstrating that the injury occurred at work (or in a place that was NOT your home).

Their documentation is also going to help you in terms of getting additional care and treatment from the appropriate chiropractor or rehab specialist. If you are making a worker’s compensation claim, you may have to use specific physicians, but usually your ongoing care provider is going to be left up to choose as you see fit.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

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