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There is no surprise when it comes to peoples reactions when the topic of a chiropractor comes to the table. People loves us, hate us, and even tried to eradicate our profession (Wilk vs. American Medical Association). Unfortunately, most peoples vitriolic feelings stem from the long war on the chiropractic profession by the AMA. Fortunately, the profession has worked very hard in validating the beneficial effects of spinal manipulation and other related manual therapies for neck pain, back pain, headaches, car accident injuries, sports injuries, and other related musculoskeletal conditions. Regardless of the amount of research that does support our professions goals of helping people, there will always be naysayers. There are a multitude of reasons why people may not particularly like our profession, which I describe below.

  1. Expense. Some chiropractors can be very expensive and such services are out of reach for the common person. Today’s chiropractor can look very different than yesterday’s chiropractor and cracking backs ain’t all they do these days. Some of the most expensive chiropractors practice functional medicine, chiropractic neurology, and even soft tissue techniques like Active Release Techniques can be very pricey. In some clinics, 15 minutes of ART cost $99, or a functional medicine treatment plan may reach up to $10,000. Regardless of cost, putting a price on health can be difficult and the aforementioned fees pale in comparison to other providers fees in different health professions. Chiropractors spend an incredible amount of time and energy studying the most current health trends and even start health trends. The next time you question a chiropractors fee, you might want to question the cost of not using a chiropractor.
  2. Fear of the unknowing. Unanimously we are grouped together as bone crackers and this can scare the bejesus out of common folk. Everyone has seen the bad guy crack a poor dudes neck with a quick twist and instantly put him down. Keep in mind that we like to fix people and not break them, as that would be way bad for business. Some of my patients let me know right away that they are scared of getting adjusted. I understand the stigma and it comes from not knowing what to expect and fearing the worst out of the experience. If people want to fear the adjustment, they should whole heatedly fear the self adjustment. Seeing people wrenching on their own necks freaks me out! Stop it people, that is not normal! Chiropractors are like ninjas when it comes to adjusting the spine. The adjustment can be smooth, quick, and so gratifying you might wanna light up a cigarette afterwords.
  3. Myths. Once you go to a chiropractor, you always have to go. Chiropractors are quacks! Chiropractors are not real doctors. Chiropractic care is dangerous. There is no proof that chiropractic works. Adjustments hurt. They don’t call these myths for nothing as each one of these can be discussed further. There is a reason that chiropractic is standing the test of time, and it is because it works!

The chiropractic profession in today’s world is very diverse and can offer very high quality affordable health care. Researching Denver chiropractor reviews or pick your specific city plus chiropractor reviews can offer a large amount of real experience online reviews. Review sites such as Yelp, help validate honest reviews and can be very useful. I also wrote a blog article on how to pick the best chiropractor that may also help you decide.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

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¡Estamos agregando un nuevo quiropráctico a nuestra clínica!

Su nombre es Dr. Steve Brown. Somos afortunados de tenerlo en nuestra oficina. Tiene su Licenciatura y Maestría en Ciencias. En la escuela de quiropráctica, recibió entrenamiento avanzado en el tratamiento de las condiciones de tejido blando de músculos y ligamentos, etc. Después de la escuela de quiropráctica, completo educación posgrado y certificación en lesiones medulares y lesiones deportivas. Después de recibir su licencia de Doctor of Chiropractic, él ha estado practicando en una oficina muy ocupada, por lo que tiene mucha experiencia en el cuidado de pacientes. El Dr. Brown y su esposa, que también es quiropráctica, se han trasladado recientemente a esta área. El está emocionado de formar parte de nuestro personal en el cuidado de usted y los otros pacientes, mientras que le proporciona con el mismo tratamiento profesional que usted ha disfrutado en los últimos anos.

Probablemente has visto como ha crecido nuestra oficina de Quiropráctica en los años. Este crecimiento me permito aceptar otras perspectivas que se has presentado a mí. Pasará con el tiempo a otras clínicas médicas integradas que me han ofrecido puestos para ser quiropráctico en sus clínicas. Quiero tomar estas oportunidades, así que voy a estar asistiendo al Dr. Brown en revisar su archivo, instruyéndole sobre el tratamiento que usted ha recibido. Por la maravillosa bondad de médico y paciente que hemos disfrutado, esto obviamente no ha sido una decisión fácil para mí, y sin duda hubiera preferido decirle esta noticia en persona. Sé que todo esto puede parecer precipitado, pero estas raras oportunidades se presentaron a mí recientemente y es el momento adecuado para poder tomarlos, Usted me ha dado bondad, confianza y lealtad con los anos. Hemos disfrutado de nuestras conversaciones, compartir nuestras vidas y han trabajado bien juntos para que pueda disfrutar los beneficios de la quiropráctica. Espero que sepan lo precioso que ha sido y seguirá siendo siempre conmigo. Estoy seguro de que encontrara ese mismo cuidado, atención y relación con Dr. Brown. Dr. Artichoker ha sido mi compañero durante los últimos 7 años, y él va a administrar la oficina de orientación confiable. Sé que también estarán encantados de seguir disfrutando el mismo personal amable y ambiente acogedor en un lugar familiar. Después de todo, este sigue siendo su oficina de quiropráctica.

Con sinceros saludos,

Dr. Drew Colagrosso

We are adding another chiropractor to our clinic!!!

His name is Dr. Steve Brown. We are fortunate to have him in our office. He has his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Science. While in chiropractic school, he received advanced training in treating soft tissue conditions of the muscles and ligaments, etc. Following chiropractic school, he completed post-graduate education and certification in spinal injuries and sports injuries. Since receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic license, he has been practicing in a busy office, so he has plenty of experience caring for patients. Dr. Brown and his wife, who is also a chiropractor, have recently moved to this area. He is excited to join our staff in caring for you and the other patients, while providing you with the same professional treatment you’ve enjoyed over the years.

You have probably seen how our chiropractic office has grown over the years. This growth will allow me to accept other career prospects that have been presented to me. I will transition over time to other integrated medical clinics that have offered me positions to be the chiropractor at their clinics. I want pursue these opportunities, so I will be assisting Dr. Brown in reviewing your file and instructing him on the treatment you’ve been receiving. Because of the wonderful doctor-patient teamwork we’ve enjoyed, this obviously has not been an easy decision for me to make, and I certainly would’ve preferred to tell you this in person. I know all of this might seem abrupt to you, but these rare opportunities were presented to me recently and the time is right for me to take them. You have given me kindness, trust and loyalty over the years. We have enjoyed our talks, shared our lives and have worked well together so you can enjoy the benefits of chiropractic. I hope you know how precious that has been to me and will always remain with me. I am confident that you will find that same care, attention and relationship with Dr. Brown. Dr Artichoker has been my partner for the last 7 years, and he will be taking over the office building and clinic. I’m confident that he will continue to oversee and manage the office with dependable guidance. I know you will also be glad to continue to enjoy the same friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere at a familiar location. After all, this is still your chiropractic office.

With Sincere Regards,

Dr. Drew Colagrosso

Chiropractor in Denver, Dr. Trent Artichoker

Finding a chiropractor in Denver may not be difficult, but it is important to use someone with the experience and ability to treat specific conditions. Many doctors of chiropractic choose to specialize in areas such as sports, pediatrics, geriatrics, or car accident injuries. Therefore it is important to research the area for the right chiropractor.
As a chiropractor in Denver, Dr. Trent Artichoker offers treatments for multiple types of neck and back pain, including car accident injury treatments. Dr. Artichoker is an auto accident chiropractor in Denver that treats whiplash and other auto injuries. Not only does he treat car accident related injuries, he also treats sports injuries in Denver. He feels that his experience in treating sports injuries with the latest and most evidenced approach also helps his car accident patients.

Because of his experience and specializations, Dr. Trent Artichoker is an optimal choice when seeking a chiropractor in Denver. He brings a unique back ground in sports treatment and assessment that translates to better outcomes in treating car accident injuries, such as whiplash, neck pain, and back pain. If you are looking for a well balanced chiropractor in Denver, we would love to help. Please call 303-455-2225 to make an appointment.

Our Denver chiropractic office is located near downtown Denver, with easy access from I-25 or I-70. The clinic is in North Denver in the Highlands area, which is just North of Mile High Stadium. As clinic director and owner of Denver Chiropractic, LLC, Dr. Trent Artichoker is proud to offer his experience and professional care tailored to each patient that is in need. He has an extensive background, and he offers a wide variety of services.

At Denver Chiropractic, LLC we know that one approach or one tool is not the best fit for all. So, we offer a wide variety of services to help customize the care for the patients unique need and problems. We offer spinal manipulation therapy, extremity manipulation therapy, cold laser, ultrasound, graston technique, massage therapy, acupuncture, myofascial release, moist heat, electrotherapies, kinesio taping, whiplash care, cervical decompression, trigger point therapy, custom orthotics, and a great bedside manor.

Weather you have neck pain, back pain, a headache, or have been in a car accident in Denver, we at Denver Chiropractic are here to help you by giving you the best care that Denver Chiropractic has to offer. We take great pride in our reputation which is evident in our google reviews, yelp reviews, and other on-line reviews. If you have been suffering with pain, or simply want your body to perform better, we would love to help. Please call 303-455-2225 to schedule an appointment.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

Our chiropractor in Denver, Dr. Trent Artichoker, provides custom quality care for his patients in North Denver. At any one time, approximately 10% of the population will be experiencing spinal related pain. Such as neck pain, mid back pain, and low back pain. The chiropractor is well educated and is a specialist when it comes to back related pain. They know when to treat, when to order tests, and when to refer out. The doctor at our clinic near downtown Denver provides thorough consults and exams before any treatment is given to make sure that chiropractic related services are the most appropriate for that unique individual.

Back pain can come from a variety of sources and requires a specialist, such as a chiropractor in Denver to determine the cause of your spinal related pain. Dr. Trent Artichoker is networked with massage therapists, physical therapists, a variety of medical doctor specialists, and has access to a multitude of imaging techniques. The office has friendly staff, an easy to find location with free parking, and the doctor remains professional in his approach to your pain, but yet friendly enough to be comfortable getting chiropractic care.

Dr. Trent Artichoker has a bachelor’s degree in biology with a minor in chemistry, a master’s degree in anatomy, and his doctor of chiropractic degree. Altogether he has 10 years of education, and he continues his education every year to gain the best understanding and learn the latest in research to help better his patients. His latest adventures in his educational acumen are his accomplishment of being a graduate of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego’s “Whiplash and Brain Injury” program. As chiropractor in Denver, you are guaranteed to be in good hands and get a specialized treatment plan just for your neck or back pain.

A cookie approach will not work for most patients that have spinal related pain. There are over 600 individual muscles in the back and over 100 joints in the spine alone. The back is an extremely complex beautiful structure that needs a custom evaluation and treatment approach. No back is ever the same, and most neck and back pain are uniquely caused and experienced by the individual. Our chiropractor in Denver in the clinic director for Denver Chiropractic, LLC whos motto is “custom quality care”. We treat you as an individual, and provide you the best care possible for your neck and back related pain.

Author: Dr. Trent Artichoker

denver chiropractic liens made whole doctrine

“Why the Made Whole Doctrine Does Not Apply to Your Lien”

denver personal injury attorneyby Attorney Melissa Winther

Recently, we have heard from several chiropractors that their patients’ personal injury attorneys have alleged that the Made Whole doctrine relieves a patient of his/her obligation to pay the chiropractor’s lien. That is not correct. The Made Whole Doctrine limits the rights of insurance companies to get paid back out of an injured person’s recovery. It applies only to a “Payer of benefits” as defined in C.R.S. Section 10-1-135. Chiropractors are not payers of benefits. Payer of benefits “means any insurer, health maintenance organization, health benefit plan, preferred provider organization, employee benefit plan, other insurance policy or plan, or any other payer of benefits. ‘Payer of benefits’ includes a fiduciary of an insurer, plan, or other payer of benefits.’” Benefits “means payment or reimbursement of health care expenses, health care services, disability payments, lost wage payments, or any other benefits of any kind, including discounts and write-offs, provided to or on behalf of an injured party under a policy of insurance, contract, or benefit plan with an individual or group, whether or not provided through an employer.”

When you agree under a lien agreement to wait for payment for your services until a patient’s case is resolved, that does not morph you into a payer of benefits. A physician’s lien agreement is a private contract, not an insurance policy, which is entered into by the parties for mutual consideration after the injury occurs. The fact that you are agreeing to withhold collection efforts for your services does not mean that you have paid any benefits on the patient’s behalf. This is different from a health insurance company which has agreed to pay the health care providers’ bills in accordance with the health insurance contract.

If you are confronted with an attorney who misrepresents the meaning of the Made Whole doctrine, you simply need to let him/her know that you are not a payer of benefits within the meaning of the statute.

Melissa Winthers is an Denver attorney at Fleishman & Shapiro P.C. She represents people who have been injured in collisions and can be reached at 303-861-1000 or

cold laser therapy in denver

Cold Laser Treatment

We are still far away from hover boards, and time machines, but our advances in laser therapy to treat pain and injuries has come a long way. Our chiropractic clinic in Denver has the latest advancement in laser therapy. We utilize the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser.

This one piece of equipment utilizes a combination of 5 different therapies. It includes in one treatment, 1. A super pulsed laser, 2. Pulsed broad band infrared, 3. Pulsed red light, 4. Static Magnetic field, and 5. Electric stimulation. This is a very powerful combination, that is used to treat over 300 different conditions.

One of the coolest advances with cold laser equipment, is that it has TARGET technology. Which stands for Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enchanced Technology. We use the device to scan an area, and it recognizes areas of increased impedence. This is the area we treat. We pull the trigger, and therapy starts, once the impedence improves, the device stops therapy.

One of the big advantages of this type of cold laser therapy is how deep the laser can penetrate. The laser is able to reach 5 inches of tissue depth. This is amazing, and unique in that other modalities cannot achieve this reach.

Clinical effects of the 5 therapies include:

1. activation of RNA and DNA synthesis
2. increased cell metabolism in the form of ATP
3. improvement of microcirculation
4. reinforcement of collagen synthesis and reduced fibrous tissue formation
5. anti-inflammatory response
6. edema reduction
7. pain reduction
8. stimulation of T-cell production
9. increased levels of prostaglandin synthesis
10. gentle heating of surface tissue layer
11. acts upon receptors in the skin and reduces pain
12. microcirculation activation
13. stimulates epithelial cell growth and regeneration
14. reinforces laser penetration into target tissues
15. localized pain relief
16. reduction in swelling

Laser therapy can be a perfect adjunct to the visit to the chiropractor. I schedule 15-20 minute appointments that include any combination of services that we provide to ensure the most impact.

Laser therapy has over 4,000 clinical trials world wide to document the effects. It is used in over 3,000 hospitals, and used in over 10,000 private practices. It can be used on just about any part of the body, and it has relatively few contraindications.

Olympic athletes, the special forces, US major league soccer team, NBA & NFL players, National soccer team, and chronic pain sufferers all utilize the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser.

The laser can treat a multitude of conditions such as

1. acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain
2. back pain
3. neck pain
4. carpal tunnel symptoms
5. arthritis pain
6. fibromyalgia
7. ligament sprains
8. tendonitis
9. tennis elbow
10. soft tissue injuries
11. muscle strain

This is just a partial list of conditions that the cold laser treats. It is used to treat over 300 different conditions. Cold laser treatments range from 1 time per week for 5 weeks to 2-3 times per week for 6-15 weeks. The frequency of visits is determined by the magnitude of the condition. Treatment by the laser usually lasts between 5-15 minutes.

In Health,

Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC
Denver Chiropractic, LLC
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