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Cold Laser Treatment

We are still far away from hover boards, and time machines, but our advances in laser therapy to treat pain and injuries has come a long way. Our chiropractic clinic in Denver has the latest advancement in laser therapy. We utilize the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser.

This one piece of equipment utilizes a combination of 5 different therapies. It includes in one treatment, 1. A super pulsed laser, 2. Pulsed broad band infrared, 3. Pulsed red light, 4. Static Magnetic field, and 5. Electric stimulation. This is a very powerful combination, that is used to treat over 300 different conditions.

One of the coolest advances with cold laser equipment, is that it has TARGET technology. Which stands for Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enchanced Technology. We use the device to scan an area, and it recognizes areas of increased impedence. This is the area we treat. We pull the trigger, and therapy starts, once the impedence improves, the device stops therapy.

One of the big advantages of this type of cold laser therapy is how deep the laser can penetrate. The laser is able to reach 5 inches of tissue depth. This is amazing, and unique in that other modalities cannot achieve this reach.

Clinical effects of the 5 therapies include:

1. activation of RNA and DNA synthesis
2. increased cell metabolism in the form of ATP
3. improvement of microcirculation
4. reinforcement of collagen synthesis and reduced fibrous tissue formation
5. anti-inflammatory response
6. edema reduction
7. pain reduction
8. stimulation of T-cell production
9. increased levels of prostaglandin synthesis
10. gentle heating of surface tissue layer
11. acts upon receptors in the skin and reduces pain
12. microcirculation activation
13. stimulates epithelial cell growth and regeneration
14. reinforces laser penetration into target tissues
15. localized pain relief
16. reduction in swelling

Laser therapy can be a perfect adjunct to the visit to the chiropractor. I schedule 15-20 minute appointments that include any combination of services that we provide to ensure the most impact.

Laser therapy has over 4,000 clinical trials world wide to document the effects. It is used in over 3,000 hospitals, and used in over 10,000 private practices. It can be used on just about any part of the body, and it has relatively few contraindications.

Olympic athletes, the special forces, US major league soccer team, NBA & NFL players, National soccer team, and chronic pain sufferers all utilize the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser.

The laser can treat a multitude of conditions such as

1. acute, sub-acute, and chronic pain
2. back pain
3. neck pain
4. carpal tunnel symptoms
5. arthritis pain
6. fibromyalgia
7. ligament sprains
8. tendonitis
9. tennis elbow
10. soft tissue injuries
11. muscle strain

This is just a partial list of conditions that the cold laser treats. It is used to treat over 300 different conditions. Cold laser treatments range from 1 time per week for 5 weeks to 2-3 times per week for 6-15 weeks. The frequency of visits is determined by the magnitude of the condition. Treatment by the laser usually lasts between 5-15 minutes.

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carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in denver co

There are more than 75 million people in the United States that use the computer everyday. Even though sitting at the computer looks like a harmless activity, it increases your risk in developing repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel.

As a chiropractor in Denver, Colorado, carpal tunnel syndrome is one of my favorite conditions to treat. This is because the patient usually has had this condition for a long time and in just a few visits they see tremendous results. First, let talk about what carpal tunnel syndrome is and what can be done to treat the syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) affect nearly 230,000 people every year and accounts for nearly half of all workplace injury, costing the country nearly $800 million for benefits and rehabilitation. Typically, CTS affects females greater than males and is usually seen in the 40-60 year young demographic, although can occur at any age. How many times have you seen the grocery store clerk with one of those wrist braces on while scanning your food?

CTS is when the median nerve is compressed at the carpal tunnel, although can be compressed at the pronator teres muscle. The compression causes numbness in the hand and pain the arm. One problem with the traditional approach of prescribing pain killers, muscle relaxers, and a brace is that it does not address the problem.

Although the nerve is being compressed at one site and surgical release of the ligament/retinaculum can give relief, the relief might not last. I have seen numerous cases here in Denver, Colorado where a patient has had surgery, yet still have CTS return.

The problem is multifactorial, and several issues need to be addressed. Such as workplace and home ergonomics, nutrition, exercise routines, stretching, and getting the appropriate treatment.

My greatest success in treating carpal tunnel syndrome in Denver deals with several treatment modalities such as:

1. Cervical and upper extremity manipulation
2. Graston Technique – Instrument soft tissue therapy – this works very well at breaking up the scar tissue in the forearm muscles that prevent the muscles from working correctly.
3. Kinesiotaping
4. Heat/Ice
5. E-Stim Ultrasound combo
6. Specific exercises
7. Nerve flossing
8. Specific stretching
9. Ergonomic Modification
10. B vitamin supplements
11. wrist supports
12. Cold Laser Therapy

I must say that if you are having any sort of numbness or pain radiating in your arm, that you see your doctor of chiropractic as soon as possible as this may indicate a very serious issue that needs addressed.

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Dr. Trent Artichoker MS, DC

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